Oracle Product Data Quality

Oracle Product Data Quality


Oracle Product Data Quality (Silver Creek Systems) is built from the ground up to tackle the unique challenges of assessing, improving and the ongoing management of product data. The Oracle Product Data Quality solution is build on market-leading DataLens™ semantic-based technology and has been proven in a wide range of customer scenarios involving product, item, asset, SKU and other forms of product or product-like data across a range of industries. Typical product data is unstructured, non-standard and often missing important information.

Oracle Product Data Quality helps customers identify the standards they wish to apply to their product data and quickly apply those standards across systems, repositories and processes, including the ability to identify and remediate problem data.

The combination of Silver Creek and Oracle is expected to enhance product data quality across enterprise applications including Oracle's Product Information Management Data Hub, Agile Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning offerings. The addition of Silver Creek products complements Oracle's Information Management offerings that include Oracle Data Integration, Oracle Data Quality, Oracle Master Data Management, and Oracle Business Intelligence, to provide a more complete and integrated solution that is expected to extend Oracle's leadership in data integration with advanced data quality capabilities to manage product data across multiple industries.

Unique Qualities of Oracle Product Data Quality

  • Semantic-based recognition—based on context to enable accurate parsing, standardization and matching along with auto-learning to handle the extreme variability and unpredictability of product data
  • Scalability—to manage millions of items across thousands of categories
  • Integrated Governance—to allow data stewards to monitor overall process effectiveness as well as drive direct data remediation
  • Business User Interface—designed using a code-free interface for use by the business user who best understand the rules and nuances of the data
  • Enterprise-wide Applicability—a standard process that can 'plug-in' to existing systems and processes to enforce product data quality standards in any process or system
  • Oracle Product Data Quality Data Sheet (PDF)
  • General Presentation (PDF)
  • About Oracle and Silver Creek Systems
  • FAQ (PDF)


Partner Opportunities

The combination Of Oracle and Sliver Creek Systems is expected to provide partners with the following benefits:

  • Partners will be able to provide customers with a comprehensive offering to address their needs for a complete product data management solution
  • Value-Added Resellers and System Integrators are expected to gain expanded opportunities to provide solutions and extend services around Oracle’s Product Hub solution and other Oracle offerings
  • Technology partners are expected to have broader opportunities for development integrations
  • All partners will gain access to Oracle’s worldwide resources and partner ecosystem

Key Benefits & Proven ROI

Data quality is foundational to almost any business process and the benefits of Product Data Quality (or the cost of lack of data quality) can be felt in every aspect of the process. Typical benefits are in the following areas:

  • Improve revenues—enable online search; drive cross-sell and up-sell opportunities; faster and more complete response to quote requests; improved customer experience
  • Cost-efficiencies—reduce direct and indirect spend through improved procurement practices; avoid manual clean-up, classification, standardization, matching, de-duplication or translation effort; avoid cost of error-correction; reduce cost of data synchronization and integration
  • IT Projects—reduce time, risk and cost of system deployment, consolidation or merger; avoid complex rules building and maintenance; enable governance by business users; drive ability to react to business change
  • Reporting & Compliance—platform for data quality governance; enforce data standards across systems, processes, repositories; dashboards & metrics to drive continuous process improvement

Strategic Importance to Oracle

  • Product data quality management has become essential to enterprises
  • Enterprises depend on accurate and consistent product data for uses in sales, design, procurement, fulfillment, billing and other business operations
  • Product data is inherently complex, unstructured and highly variable across the many sources and repositories
  • Product data accuracy spans a variety of business processes: Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing, and CRM/e-Commerce
  • Silver Creek is a best-in-class leader in product data quality solutions
  • Ability to understand structured, unstructured, non-standard types of data, and recognize the meaning of words and phrases
  • Standardizing product information provides the foundation for accuracy in integrated enterprise systems and processes
  • Reliable, scalable and proven to effectively deliver value across many industries
  • Silver Creek's complementary products are expected to accelerate Oracle’s Data Integration, Supply Chain Management and e-Commerce strategy to:
  • Deliver more accurate, standardized, enriched product data across the enterprise
  • Integrate product data quality into business applications e.g. Product Master, Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain and e-Commerce


Oracle Product Data Quality is made up of three core modules that work together to enforce category-specific standards on disparate product information:

Oracle DataLens Knowledge Studio

  • Semantic 'data lenses' interpret and standardize unstructured, disparate information
  • Data lenses enable:
  • Contextual recognition
  • Translation for any language to any language, including double-byte languages
  • Match & merge, including survivorship, enrichment and overrides
  • Transformation and standardization to conform to any format or standard
  • Classification to any taxonomy, whether public or private
  • Data lenses are designed to be built and maintained by business users who understand the nuances in meaning of product descriptions
  • Includes facilities to 'AutoBuild' data lenses from available metadata (extracted from PIM or legacy systems, rules or standards)

Oracle DataLens Application Studio

  • 'Data Service Applications' take incoming items through a business task flow
  • Data Service Applications enable:
  • Implementation of business rules for imposition of data standards
  • Manage both 'good' items and exceptions through a full workflow process including both automated and manual remediation
  • Real-time or batch integration—take data from any source and return it to any destination
  • Data enrichment using internal and external sources as well as manual effort as required
  • Data Service Applications can be called by any system or process in either real-time or batch mode

Oracle DataLens Governance Studio

  • The Governance Studio presents a user interface specifically designed for process governance and data remediation
  • The Governance Studio enables:
  • Dashboard view of process and data quality metrics—so data stewards can monitor and drive continuous process improvements
  • Data transformation review—allowing product specialists to review recognized and transformed data as required
  • Exception management view—for product specialists to review remaining data problems on an exception basis
  • Match review—for product specialists to review system-generated matches (full review or exception-based)
  • Auto-learning—system creates inference rules for unrecognized data
  • The DataLens Governance Studio can be used by a broad audience of Data Stewards and product specialists to monitor and drive data quality for their area of responsibility

For More Information


Sales Playbook: Oracle Product Data Quality (PDF) (includes Silver Creek Systems): product positioning, prospect qualification, sales plays, how to compete, and more. OPN Member



With this acquisition, Oracle has initiated a review of the Silver Creek Systems product portfolio, and when the evaluation is complete, Oracle will be providing guidance to customers in accordance with Oracle's standard product communications policies. Research and development investments in Silver Creek System's solutions are expected to increase, as they will then be able to share in Oracle's $2.7 billion R&D budget.





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