Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting

Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting Pack protects the sensitive or regulated information by replacing the original data with fictitious yet realistic data and reduces the storage size by generating fractional yet realistic subset of databases on non-production environments. By masking the sensitive or Personally Identifiable Information [PII] on non-production databases organizations comply with Information privacy laws and standards.By downsizing the non-production databases and test data management Organizations save storage, network and test costs.

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Application Data Modeling discovers columns from Oracle database tables containing sensitive information and the corresponding referential or parent-child relationships, by means of discovery job, patterns and Oracle applications accelerators.The results are stored in an updatable XML container called "Application Data Model" with import and export option .
Centralized, Comprehensive and Customizable library of pre-defined masking and subsetting formats facilitates ready-to-go masking and subsetting transformations.
Supported out-of-the-box  templates for Oracle Applications like E-Business Suite and Fusion Applications provides pre-identified data models,sensitive columns and masking transformations.
Heterogeneous Data Masking and Subsetting extends the capability to masking and subsetting data on non-Oracle databases through Oracle Database Gateways.
"In Export" deployment option provides the most secure masking and subsetting in which the sensitive data never leaves the production environment.

Customer References

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ECAD, Brazil improved their music royalty collection, distribution and control by securing the data using Oracle Data Masking.


Oracle Data Masking & Subsetting 
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