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Increasing controls on privileged and DBA accounts is vital to improving security. Oracle Database Vault creates a highly restricted application environment (“Realm”) inside the Oracle database that prevents access to application data from privileged accounts while continuing to allow the regular authorized administrative activities on the database. Realms can be placed around all or specific application tables and schemas to protect them from unauthorized access while continuing to allow access to owners of those tables and schemas, including those who have been granted direct access to those objects.


Oracle Database Vault with Oracle Database 12c introduces “Mandatory Realms” that effectively seal off application tables, views, or other objects from all access, including the object owner and privileged users, unless access has been specifically granted. Mandatory Realms can be pre-configured and then enabled during maintenance operations. Mandatory Realms can also be used as an additional line of defense to protect applications. In this case, they would not only prevent privileged user access, just like regular realms, but also provide an additional check on all users who have access to the application including those with direct object grants and the application owner. These users can be authorized to the Mandatory Realm and additional checks can be performed before gaining access to application data.


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