Oracle Label Security

OLS user clearances as Factors in Oracle Database Vault

Start Oracle Database Vault and log in as LBACSYS (the owner of the OLS schema) to create a Label Security policy that stores the user clearance labels. These will later be used as Factors in Oracle Database Vault:

  $ sqlplus LBACSYS/password
  SQL> execute sa_sysdba.create_policy('PRIVACY','PRIVACY_COLUMN','NO_CONTROL');


The following commands create the two levels used in the OLS policy:

  SQL> execute sa_components.create_level('PRIVACY',1000,'C','CONFIDENTIAL');
  SQL> execute sa_components.create_level('PRIVACY',2000,'S','SENSITIVE');


The next command creates the 'PII' compartment:

  SQL> execute sa_components.create_compartment('PRIVACY',100,'PII','PERS_INFO');


The user JSmith is granted the less sensitive label:

  SQL> execute sa_user_admin.set_user_labels('PRIVACY','JSmith','C');


The user MDale is granted the more sensitive label, which also includes the PII compartment:

  SQL> execute sa_user_admin.set_user_labels('PRIVACY','MDale','S:PII');


In order to use the OLS labels as factors in Database Vault, you need to create a 'Rule Set' first:

  SQL> connect dbv_owner/password;
  SQL> execute dvsys.dbms_macadm.create_rule_set('PII Rule Set','Protect PII
       data from privileged users','Y',1,0,2,NULL,NULL,0,NULL);


Rule Sets contain one or more Rule; this Rule contains the syntax to evaluate the OLS labels:

  SQL> execute dvsys.dbms_macadm.create_rule('Check OLS Factor',
        char_to_label(''PRIVACY'',''S:PII'')) = ''1''');
  SQL> execute dvsys.dbms_macadm.sync_rules;
  SQL> commit;


Add the Rule to the Rule Set:

  SQL> execute dvsys.dbms_macadm.add_rule_to_rule_set
       ('PII Rule Set','Check OLS Factor');
  SQL> commit;



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