Oracle Application Express


Oracle Application Express Release was released on September 26, 2017.
This is a cumulative patch set for Application Express 5.1.0, Application Express 5.1.1, and Application Express 5.1.2. The full download is available below.

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Oracle Application Express 5.1 is fully supported through Oracle Support Services on all Editions (EE, SE2, SE, and SE1) of the Oracle database, or higher with a valid Oracle Database Technical Support agreement.

Application Express 5.1 can also be used with Oracle Database 11g Express Edition (XE), but is supported only through the OTN discussion forum, and not through Oracle Support Services. For more information on upgrading Application Express within Oracle XE go here.

We support installation on the following platforms:

  • Linux x86
  • Linux x86-64
  • Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64 bit)
  • Oracle Solaris x86-64 (64 bit)
  • HP-UX Itanium
  • Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)
  • IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit)
  • IBM: Linux on System z
  • HP-UX PA-RISC (64-bit)