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Vodafone Online Mobile Community

Vodafone Betavine is a collaborative community site for mobile developers and testers. There you can share applications in the project space and solicit feedback from testers and other users. The community also has blogs, forums, and a student zone with competitions and internship opportunities.

Interested in mobility and wireless development? Check out these Sun offerings:

See also the Mobility & Embedded Community Site on where you can find people with similar interests and get source code, documentation, and tools for your Java ME projects.


Sun Open Sources Java Platform Implementations

Sun is open sourcing its implementation of the Java platform as free software. Get involved! Visit the three new open-source Java communities that Sun is seeding and download the code: OpenJDK, Mobile & Embedded and the GlassFish community.


Java ME Forums

Use Developer Forums to share information, locate tried solutions, and learn best practices for Sun products and technologies. Discussion topics for those interested in J2ME technologies:

  • Sun Java Wireless Toolkit (formerly known as J2ME Wireless Toolkit)
    The Sun Java Wireless Toolkit is for developing applications compliant with MIDP. This toolkit is tightly integrated with Sun ONE Studio Community Edition. Check this forum for answers to questions on things like how to get started with the J2ME Wireless Toolkit and share tips on debugging your wireless applications.
  • CDC and Personal Profile
    The Connected Device Configuration (CDC) defines a full-featured runtime environment with all the functionality of a runtime residing on a desktop system. This configuration is for larger mobile wireless devices with full-featured user interfaces. This forum also includes discussion around the Foundation Profile, PersonalJava[tm], Personal Profile, Personal Basis Profile, and optional packages.
  • CLDC and MIDP
    The Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) lets you write downloadable applications and services for network-connectable, battery-operated mobile handheld devices such as cell phones and two-way pagers. This forum also includes discussion topics around Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and K Virtual Machine.
  • EmbeddedJava
    The EmbeddedJava application environment is for embedded devices with dedicated functionality and severely limited memory. Browse through the forum to see how other developers are using EmbeddedJava.

User Groups

Members of the Java User Groups (JUGs) meet regularly to exchange technical ideas and information. Click here to see the JUGs which have regular events and programs relating to mobile and embedded technologies and applications.


Bug Database

From this storehouse of Java technology bugs, you can search for and browse information on bugs and requests for enhancements- (RFEs), submit them, track them, or vote on the open bugs that are important to you.



The Mobility newsletter offers a broad range of technical tips, events and announcements highlighting the entire mobile and embedded technology ecosystem.


Books & Authors

Browse chapters from books published on various wireless and embedded technologies.


Java Technology Blogs

Find out what these bloggers are saying about Java technology and more.


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