Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap

(Updated March 5, 2018)

Oracle provides this updated roadmap for  Oracle Java SE products (Oracle Java SE Advanced, Oracle Java SE Advanced Desktop and Oracle Java SE Suite) to help customers understand the maintenance and support options available.  Starting September 2017, Oracle has moved to a "Long Term Support" (LTS) model for Oracle Java SE products.  This means that LTS versions, offering Premier and Sustaining Support, will be targeted for release every three years.  In addition, feature releases will be targeted for every six months along with quarterly maintenance/security updates.  A short video is available providing an overview of these "Changes to the JDK Release Model".  The following provides a more detailed review of the Java SE products support roadmap, along with examples specific to available major releases. All customers should refer to their specific service contract to determine their support entitlement. Please see the Oracle Lifetime Support Policies for complete details.


End of Public Updates for Oracle JDK 8

As outlined in the Oracle JDK Support Roadmap below, Oracle will not post further updates of Java SE 8 to its public download sites for commercial use after January 2019. Customers who need continued access to critical bug fixes and security fixes as well as general maintenance for Java SE 8 or previous versions can get long term support through Oracle Java SE Advanced, Oracle Java SE Advanced Desktop, or Oracle Java SE Suite. All other users are recommended to upgrade to the latest major releases of the Oracle JDK or OpenJDK.  

Oracle does not plan to migrate desktops from Java 8 to later versions via the auto update feature.  Individuals who require Java SE for non-corporate desktop use will continue to receive updates through at least December 2020.  Instead of relying on a pre-installed standalone JRE, we encourage application developers to deliver JREs with their applications.  More details will be made available through early 2018.


Java SE Public Updates

Release GA Date End of Public Updates
End of Public Updates

8 Mar 2014 Sep 2017 January 2019* and December 2020*
(as described above)

9 Sep 2017 Sep 2017 Mar 2018**

10 (18.3)*** Mar 2018 Mar 2018 Sep 2018

11 (18.9 LTS)*** Sep 2018 TBA**** TBA****

* or later.
** Java SE 9 will be a short term release, and users should immediately transition to the next release (18.3) when available.
*** Oracle has proposed a new version scheme for Oracle based builds (YY.M) starting in March, 2018. Java SE 10 (18.3) will be a short term release and users should transition to the next release when available.
**** In September 2017 Oracle announced a road map for faster and easier redistribution of Java SE which is planned to take effect starting September 2018.


Oracle Java SE Product Releases

Customers seeking longer support and maintenance periods for feature releases are encouraged to migrate to the Oracle Java SE product offerings (Oracle Java SE Advanced, Oracle Java SE Advanced Desktop and Oracle Java SE Suite). For releases after Java SE 8, Oracle Java SE product releases not designated as LTS releases will be maintained until the subsequent release.  For example, the LTS release for Oracle JDK 11 (18.9 LTS)  (targeted for GA September 2018) will be supported for at least 5 years as described in the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy.  Support will be provided via a series of serial, non-LTS feature and maintenance releases which will be maintained until the subsequent non-LTS release.  After 3 years, the next LTS version will be scheduled for release.  Oracle Java SE Advanced and Oracle Java SE Suite put you in control of your upgrade strategy so you can enjoy continued peace of mind, knowing that no matter which product release you're running, Oracle can support your business.

Examples of some key product dates for Oracle Java SE product offerings include:

Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap*

Release GA Date Premier Support
Extended Support

6 Dec 2006 Dec 2015 Dec 2018 Indefinite

7 Jul 2011 Jul 2019 Jul 2022 Indefinite

8 Mar 2014 Mar 2022 Mar 2025 Indefinite

9 (non-LTS) Sep 2017 Mar 2018 Not Available Indefinite

10 (18.3^) (non-LTS)*** Mar 2018*** Sep 2018*** Not Available Indefinite***

11 (18.9 LTS)^*** Sep 2018*** Sep 2023*** Sep 2026*** Indefinite***

* Oracle Java SE product EOL dates are provided here as examples to illustrate the Oracle Java SE Advanced, Oracle Java SE Advanced Desktop and Oracle Java SE Suite EOL Policy. Customers should refer to Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for the most up-to-date information.
** These support timelines apply to client and server deployments of Java, with the exception of the web deployment technology. See "Support of Deployment Technology" section below for details.
*** LTS designation and dates, as noted in the above example, are subject to change.
^ Oracle has proposed a new version scheme for Oracle Java SE builds of (YY.M) starting in March, 2018.

Support of Deployment Technology and JavaFX

The web deployment technology, consisting of the Java Plugin and Web Start technologies, has a shorter support lifecycle. For major releases through Java SE 7, and for the Java SE 8 Plugin, Oracle provides five (5) years of Premier Support for these technologies. Java SE 8 will continue to support Web Start through Premiere and Extended Support timeframes. Java deployment technology will not be supported beyond Java SE 8. See the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for details.

Deployment Technology for Java SE 6 and Java SE 7 has been removed as of October 2017.  Although the deployment stack may be included in Java SE 9 or later releases, Java SE 8 is the recommended and only supported version of the deployment stack.  The Java SE 8 deployment stack may be used to run Java SE 6, or Java SE 7 applications on Windows platforms.

JavaFX will be removed from Oracle Java SE products starting with Java SE 11 (18.9 LTS).  Support for JavaFX on Java SE 8 will continue through the entire Premiere Support term, March 2022. 

Extended Support Life for Java SE 6

In April 2014 Oracle extended the support lifetime for Java SE 6.  Before this extension the end of Premier Support was Dec 2013 and the end of Extended Support was scheduled for Jun 2017.  The new support dates are: End of Premier Support on Dec 2015, and End of Extended Support on Dec 2018.  

The extension of Support Life for Java SE 6 does not include the Java SE 6 Deployment Technology.  Java SE 6 Deployment Technology will only be available until Jun 2017.  Update releases of Java SE 6 released after Jun 2017 will not include deployment technology.