• Data Tier Caching for SOA Performance
    by Kiran Dattani, Milind Pandit, Markus Zirn
    Learn from the people involved how a major pharma company used an Oracle Coherence Grid solution with Oracle SOA Suite to improve the performance of a composite application
  • Joining Oracle Complex Event Processing and J2ME to React to Location and Positioning Events 
    by Daniel Amadei
    This article illustrates what can be achieved with CEP and event-driven architecture.
  • Why an Application Grid?
    by Adam Messinger and Mike Piech
    One area ripe for innovation is the ability for application server instances to work together to enable more rapid deployment of new applications and hardware while at the same time improving the utilization of underlying physical resources.
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White Papers

  • Architectural Strategies for Cloud Computing
    Cloud enablers such as virtualization and grid computing allow applications to be dynamically deployed onto the most suitable infrastructure at run time. This elastic aspect of cloud computing allows applications to scale and grow without ‘fork-lift’ upgrades.
  • Grid Computing with Oracle
    Grid computing is a new IT architecture that produces more resilient and lower cost enterprise information systems. With grid computing, groups of independent, modular hardware and software components can be connected and rejoined on demand to meet the changing needs of businesses.
  • Oracle Grid Computing Best Practices
    This white paper focuses on the IT best practices that have emerged from successful grid implementations around the world.

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