The Boston Globe’s World Class Contact Center Improves Customer Service and Retention with Web, Mobile, and Social Media Solutions

The Boston Globe’s World Class Contact Center Improves Customer Service and Retention with Web, Mobile, and Social Media Solutions

The world of print media is changing. News is rapidly becoming digital, and The Boston Globe, a subsidiary of The New York Times Company, is no different. This new environment makes it crucial that the company provide a superior customer experience. To add complexity, the publisher, which has won 21 Pulitzer Prizes, must support two distinctly different businesses: its traditional print media business with a subscriber base of approximately 500,000, and its growing digital publishing enterprise that includes and with 1.5 million registered users.

Before implementing Oracle RightNow solutions, The Boston Globe used an in-house circulation system of current customers and Lotus Notes to log complaints. Without a cohesive contact management solution, it was impossible to tell which customers were contacting the company, how they were making contact, and why. The system also lacked reporting capabilities to help the publication understand what was happening through e-mail and phone channels, and how effectively it was resolving issues. To support the media business and grow the digital marketplace, The Boston Globe wanted a solution to unify customer interactions, improve customer satisfaction, increase agent efficiency, and capture important information to drive business decisions.

New Approach for a New Era

A word from The Boston Globe

  • “Oracle RightNow solutions help us deliver exceptional customer support to both print customers and our technology-savvy digital customers. Whether customers are chatting online with an agent or finding answers from their mobile devices, Oracle RightNow solutions help our clients get the information they need anytime, anywhere.” ‒ Robert Saurer, Director of Customer Care and Marketing, The Boston Globe

The partnership between Teleperformance and Oracle RightNow solutions helps The Boston Globe across its traditional and digital print businesses with multichannel support to provide superior care. The Oracle RightNow agent desktop supports 50 teleperformance agents in Manila as well as 25 domestic agents. With Oracle RightNow solutions on their desktops, agents seamlessly capture, track, assign, and manage customer requests from initial contact through resolution. This increases agent productivity and helps drive customer satisfaction.

The Oracle RightNow customer experience suite has helped The Boston Globe to reduce incoming contact volume by 20%, while supporting more than a million subscribers via phone, e-mail, chat, and Web channels. “We feel like we hit the bull’s eye with finding the right solution to support the growing digital environment,” said Robert Saurer, director of customer care and marketing, The Boston Globe.

Oracle RightNow solutions help The Boston Globe to manage approximately 60,000 calls each month and respond to 5,000 monthly e-mails. Since implementing e-mail management, the company now tracks e-mail response times, and agents receive notification when an issue is outstanding longer than the 24-hours specified in the service level agreement.

Providing the Full Web Experience

Surprising Popularity of Chat

Reporting to Drive Customer Satisfaction

A Solution to Build On




  • Increase subscriber satisfaction and retention in an increasingly competitive market in which consumers have many options and sources for news content
  • Provide tools to efficiently and effectively communicate and share customer-service related knowledge across company
  • Deliver superior customer experiences to help drive pay-for-content revenue growth


  • Increased Web self-service rate by 20% in four months
  • Reduced e-mail response time to consumer requests and inquiries
  • Increased use of mobile channel for support requests by 12%
  • Improved customer satisfaction with the services that the media company provides, helping to build support for pay-for-content revenue growth
  • Increased contact center agent efficiency and satisfaction

Why Oracle

Although The Boston Globe was confident that Oracle RightNow solutions were the right choice, the company used Oracle’s RightNow pilot program to test-drive the system before making the full investment.

“It gave us time to offer proof to take to the executive team before making the final purchase. Once we had some time using it, proving its worth was easy,” Saurer said.

The Oracle RightNow cloud platform enabled The Boston Globe to rapidly adopt the new solution without the expense of additional IT overhead, software development, and ownership.