China Mobile Fujian Processes Data 4x Faster, Increases Data Compression by 3x to 5x
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China Mobile Fujian Processes Data 4x Faster, Increases Data Compression by 3x to 5x

China Mobile Group Fujian Co., Ltd. (China Mobile Fujian) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile Ltd., based in China’s Fujian province. The company’s 30 million customers account for 70% of the province’s mobile telecommunication customers.

China Mobile has the world’s largest mobile network and mobile customer base. In 2012, the company ranked eighth in the Financial Times’ “FT Global 500” and ranked 31 out of 2,000 in Forbes Magazine’s list of “The World’s Biggest Public Companies.” China Mobile operates nationwide mobile telecommunications networks through wholly owned subsidiaries in 31 provinces of mainland China and in Hong Kong.

China’s telecommunications market has been fiercely competitive in recent years, due to the emergence of various specialized companies that can provide tailored services. To remain successful in the competitive market, China Mobile Fujian needed to adopt rigorous analytical methods for more cost-effective management and marketing. It also needed to better target its telecommunication products and services to the most relevant customers.

China Mobile Fujian had also grown rapidly, developing a large customer base with many varying requirements. The company was using a Teradata data warehouse platform for its business analysis support system (BASS). However, this infrastructure could no longer provide the performance, capacity, and scalability required to analyze data for the growing business.

In 2012, China Mobile Fujian implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machine to replace its legacy infrastructure and develop an enterprise-level data warehouse for its next-generation BASS. Switching to Oracle Exadata significantly improved the performance, scalability, and capacity of the BASS data warehouse.

In the past, China Mobile Fujian could only store 70 TB of data in its data warehouse, which greatly restricted the business analysis it could complete. Now, the company can easily store and process 250 TB of data, including historical data about its mobile customers and the services used; the data mart access layer; and operational, financial, and analysis reports. This enables China Mobile Fujian to make the most efficient use of the massive volumes of data generated by its BASS, as well as network management, telecommunication services, and financial systems.

Due to its engineered infrastructure and advanced system configuration, Oracle Exadata can also process data 4x faster, on average, than the legacy data warehouse platform. This has laid the foundation for more efficient and higher quality multidimensional analysis of China Mobile Fujian’s 30 million customers.

In addition, Oracle Exadata’s Hybrid Columnar Compression feature increased the data compression ratio for online data and inquiries, and historical data and filing by 3x to 5x. This significantly reduced BASS equipment requirements, saving data center space and energy consumption and cutting IT operational, maintenance, and storage costs. It also minimized the need to copy additional telecommunication customers and services data into the warehouse for analysis.

Finally, China Mobile Fujian saved on implementation time and costs using Oracle Exadata’s pre-optimized configuration and out-of-the-box balanced architecture. This eliminated the need for complex configurations and troubleshooting the BASS data warehouse, so the system can be deployed several times faster than the legacy version.

By taking advantage of Oracle Exadata’s online expansion and rolling upgrade features, the company can also continue to expand the capacity and processing performance of the new data warehouse, providing greater data storage capacity over longer periods and further improving business intelligence and analysis. 



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Why Oracle

In the past 10 years, China Mobile Fujian has increased its customer numbers from 2 million to more than 30 million. The company needed a robust and highly available database warehouse platform that would improve the performance, capacity, security, and scalability of its next-generation business development and analysis system.

China Mobile Fujian evaluated a number of data warehouse platforms and found that compared with other solutions, Oracle Exadata was more cost-effective, faster to deploy, and had the least management, maintenance, power consumption, and storage space requirements.

Implementation Process

China Mobile Fujian started the Oracle Exadata implementation in January 2012. It replaced its legacy Teradata database warehouse platform with a full-rack Oracle Exadata Database Machine on which to run its next-generation BASS.

The company completed the Oracle Exadata installation, deployment, tuning, and data migration in March 2012.