Eclipse Information Technologies Delivers Thousands of Firmware Upgrades in Just a Few Minutes and Builds 24/7 Metering Devices with Open Standards Programming

Eclipse Information Technologies Delivers Thousands of Firmware Upgrades in Just a Few Minutes and Builds 24/7 Metering Devices with Open Standards Programming

Founded in 2002, Eclipse Information Technologies is one of Turkey’s leading smart-metering solution providers, empowering its clients to increase customer satisfaction in their respective industries with more information and data analysis, more accurate bills, and faster responses to customer inquiries. Eclipse develops, manufactures, and deploys its own wireless, general-packet radio service (GPRS), third-generation (3G) terminals, and develops software and firmware for various uses in the machine-to-machine (M2M) field. Clients also use the Eclipse M2M platform for various purposes, like monitoring environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and noise); data centers; and miscellaneous industrial machinery and equipment. With emphasis on innovation, quality, and on-time delivery, Eclipse has an excellent track record of providing value-added solutions to its customers.




A word from Eclipse Information Technologies

  • “Oracle Java ME Embedded within the Cinterion solution that we integrate into our hardware enables our devices to provide the best smart-metering, price-performance ratio in the market, while the open-standards approach ensures application durability.” – Cigdem Unalan, Business Development Manager, Eclipse Information Technologies

  • Manufacture high-performing hardware modules, develop M2M applications needed for telemetry, and enable customers to implement remote measuring solutions by transmitting information from multiple sources into a central server for data processing
  • Embed a flexible programming tool into the manufactured hardware to remotely deliver necessary firmware updates to thousands of already-installed physical devices for capturing and transmitting data—such as for measuring electricity or gas consumption
  • Minimize mobile-communication network traffic associated with remote updates to decrease maintenance costs and cope with poor network coverage in isolated locations


Oracle Product and Services

  • Developed a wide range of intelligent devices that contain Oracle Java ME Embedded in a physical Cinterion module, which collects information—such as energy usage or gas consumption data—from multiple meters and that forward the data automatically to utility companies
  • Enabled Eclipse Information Technologies to deliver application updates to thousands of devices—such as electricity meters, gas meters, boilers, earthquake monitors, and environmental data collectors—in just a few minutes, a task that would otherwise take weeks, if not months
  • Reduced cellular network traffic with Java wireless’ over-the-air provisioning, enabling the company to monitor meter input, detect outages, and control output simultaneously—without worrying about data transfer costs
  • Enabled automated, error-free meter reads for utility companies, suppliers, and consumers by developing end-to-end, Java-based meter reading and energy data management applications that can simultaneously detect loss and leaks—allowing staff to focus on customer service instead of field-based data collection
  • Helped utility companies and suppliers to optimize energy production, better forecast energy consumption, and increase system and device security
  • Benefited from the solution’s performance, reliability, and low-memory footprint to monitor devices—such as boilers, trams, and servers—and location-based devices—such as seismic nodes—24/7, and provide real-time short message service notifications in case of an outage or a parameter change

Why Oracle

“We integrate Cinterion modules, running Oracle Java ME Embedded, into proprietary hardware because we value the power of Java’s open standards-based, flexible, and proven technology. In addition, the inherent security of Java makes it easier to create secure metering and monitoring applications for Cinterion modules versus other cellular modules,” said Cigdem Unalan, business development manager, Eclipse Information Technologies.


Cinterion, fully owned by Oracle partner Gemalto N.V., is the global leader in wireless M2M communication modules, according to industry analyst Gartner. Eclipse uses Cinterion wireless modules in its wireless GPRS, 3G terminals.