Globalia Corporación Empresarial Accelerates Hotel Bookings, Boosts Sales by 40% with In-Memory Data Grid Solution
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Globalia Corporación Empresarial Accelerates Hotel Bookings, Boosts Sales by 40% with In-Memory Data Grid Solution

Globalia Corporación Empresarial S.A. (Globalia), founded in 1997, is a leading tourism group in Spain, based on revenue and number of employees. Globalia is a collection of independent companies, such as tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, an airline, cruise lines, and an airport management company.




A word from Globalia Corporación Empresarial S.A.

  • “From the outset, Oracle Coherence exceeded our high expectations. It enabled us to reengineer our core system for hotel bookings and deliver quotes that are innovative and pioneering for the Spanish tourism industry. Our return on investment was immediate—since we saved money immediately after go-live and delivered a highly successful summer campaign with strong sales growth. We have already started to redesign additional systems that will leverage Oracle Coherence technology.” – Vicente Guerola Molina, Director, Business Development, Globalia Corporación Empresarial S.A.

  • Meet increasing, ever-changing, tourism-sector business demands with agile IT systems that can manage tourism revenue accounting and customer interactions from business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) channels
  • Provide availability, response times, and scalability to meet specific tourism and leisure industry demands—such as activity peaks during the summer season, Christmas, and long weekends that generate 80% of annual revenue, and complex hotel sales promotion systems that put a huge burden on underlying IT infrastructures
  • Support a new business unit designed to expand Globalia’s business to the worldwide tourism and leisure market by establishing front- and back-end IT systems that can sustain business growth with ambitious service-level agreements (SLA’s)
  • Optimize response times to meet group and third-party SLA’s for Welcome, the company’s proprietary, hotel-booking system, so that it serves 95% of requests in less than 700 milliseconds—ensuring that users don’t abandon searches not answered within 2 seconds


  • Deployed Oracle Coherence, Oracle JRockit, and Oracle WebLogic Server to move business logic from database to middleware tier, reducing IT costs and enabling new business models, based on expanded system capabilities—such as Globalia’s powerful, proprietary B2C and B2B channel for selling hotel rooms
  • Used Oracle Coherence to reengineer proprietary hotel booking platforms, responsible for daily revenue of up to US$1.35 million, with a year-on-year growth rate of 100%
  • Introduced a data grid that supports highly complex business rules for sales promotion, which boosted sales by 40% for the 2012 summer campaign, compared to the previous year’s seasonal sales
  • Established a future-proof system that is dimensioned to support 2.5 million B2C and B2B requests per day—such as bookings, confirmations, and cancellations for air and ground travel, hotel rooms, and more—and provide linear scalability for expected growth, while the previous systems were limited to 100,000 requests per day
  • Guaranteed low latency for B2C and B2B counterparts—who will reject Globalia’s product offerings if they do not receive an immediate response to requests—providing an average response of 100 milliseconds for a request involving 80 hotels, while the old system required up to 30 seconds to process requests during peak hours
  • Eliminated database outages due to system changes—such as updates for improved promotions—and reduced database usage by 40%, enabling database utilization for other purposes, such as administering data for the group’s tour operators Travelplán and MK Travelplán, which meet tourism demands in Spain and North America
  • Made it easier to roll out new promotions with Oracle Coherence’s ability to make modifications while the cluster is in production mode, reducing time-to-market for new products and services from days to minutes
  • Used Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control’s Grid Control feature with Oracle Management Pack for Oracle Coherence to manage and monitor the entire system—nine physical servers, with four dedicated to the company’s proprietary hotel booking platform, that host 28 Oracle Coherence nodes for 30 gigabytes of live data—which has been configured with customized alerts to detect potential problems, such as low cache hit rates
  • Used Oracle Database as the main source of information, with efficient data loading when a cluster needs to be initialized from scratch, as well as data synchronization to update information when the cluster is running
  • Worked with Oracle Consulting to achieve a successful go-live within four months in June 2011, in time to deal with summer tourism

Why Oracle

“We trust in Oracle for mission-critical systems and considered Oracle Coherence to be the best approach. The data grid, aligned with our strategy to move business logic from the database to the middleware tier, offers all the features that we need to meet our technical and business requirements. Oracle executed a 15-day, proof of concept that demonstrated Oracle Coherence’s ability to meet and exceed our requirements,” said Vicente Guerola Molina, director, business development, Globalia Corporación Empresarial S.A.