Nedap Launches Security Solutions 3x Faster, Grows Client Base 10-Fold, and Boosts Developer Productivity by 200% with Advanced Technology Platform
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Nedap Launches Security Solutions 3x Faster, Grows Client Base 10-Fold, and Boosts Developer Productivity by 200% with Advanced Technology Platform

  • Oracle Customer:  Nedap N.V.
    Location:  Groenlo, The Netherlands
    Industry:  High Technology
    Employees:  750
    Annual Revenue:  $100 to $500 Million

Nedap N.V. is an intelligent, automated, security-management solutions manufacturer. The company uses new technologies to create innovative products for access control, livestock management, vehicle and driver identification, wireless parking, lighting control, stock control, and retail theft prevention. Nedap has more than 200 business partners and sales offices worldwide.




A word from Nedap N.V

  • “Oracle Java SE Embedded enables us to deliver innovative, agile, high-performance, security-management solutions that adapt to customers’ long-term needs while offering best business value.” – Albert Dercksen, Research and Development Director, Nedap N.V.

  • Grow revenue and customer base by bringing innovative security, identification, and access control solutions to market faster and by diversifying into new verticals, like retail
  • Boost profitability by cutting development costs for new features that enhance existing offerings with industry-leading capabilities or meet specific customer requirements
  • Increase opportunities to up-sell by scaling security, identification, and access control solutions to an almost unlimited user base
  • Help customers comply with the increasingly stringent privacy regulations governing data security and access to sensitive information, particularly important in the financial sector
  • Meet growing trend for physical and virtual security convergence required by many organizations by accommodating the multiple security and access control functions in a single solution


Oracle Product and Services

  • Built complex, new, security, identification, and access control functionality for deployment on customers’ multiple-controller, hardware platforms in one month instead of three with Oracle Java SE Embedded’s write once-run anywhere capabilities
  • Made simple add-on features available to customers in one day, using the comprehensive tools and rich set of components available from Oracle to Java developers
  • Delivered new capabilities in line with customer needs—for example by extending a security management controller from a door opener into an intrusion-detection system—simply by adding new business logic instead of rebuilding the entire stack
  • Grew customer base 10-fold in four years by using Oracle Java SE Embedded to develop a platform-independent solution that enabled Nedap solutions to run in all existing customer environments with unrivalled security and fast end-user response times
  • Increased programmer and product-developer productivity by approximately 200% by using Oracle Java SE Embedded to eliminate the need to rewrite applications for each separate platform
  • Built a library of more than 150 standard security and access-management applications that customers can adapt to their unique requirements with Oracle Java SE Embedded
  • Used flexible development tools for Java from Oracle to lower entry costs by requiring customers to pay only for the functionality they actually use and add new capabilities incrementally when they need them
  • Enabled customers to update their controllers with standard new functionality offerings—such as cattle management or car parking solutions—simply by downloading them from Nedap
  • Helped increase year-over-year revenue by 10% to 15% with Oracle Java SE Embedded’s ability to customize existing applications to enter new sectors, such as solutions for managing capacity in car parks or controlling vehicle access in city centers
  • Benefited from flexibility of Oracle Java SE Embedded to help customers comply with increasingly complex security regulations by restricting access to secure areas of a building or protecting privileged information in line with legislation changes
  • Unified virtual and physical security in a single device—for example by combining entry management and logon access to corporate personal computers—rapidly and inexpensively with Oracle Java SE Embedded’s scalable architecture
  • Began upgrade to Oracle Java SE Embedded Version 7 to further increase developer productivity by leveraging the most advanced technology to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements

Why Oracle

Nedap evaluated Oracle Java SE Embedded, IBM J9 and OpenJDK. The company chose Oracle Java SE Embedded for its superior development environment, lower license costs, and intuitive tools that would enable it to deploy applications with greater ease and flexibility. Nedap chose Oracle Java SE Embedded instead of a lower cost open source Java virtual machine to ensure lifetime support for applications that are critical to the security of its customers’ businesses.

“Oracle Java SE Embedded offered unrivalled stability, industry-leading robustness, highest performance, and fastest user response times for our security solutions,” said Albert Dercksen, research and development director, Nedap N.V. “With Oracle, we know we will have the scalability to continue meeting our customers’ requirements for advanced, holistic solutions in five years’ time.”

Implementation Process

Nedap was looking for guidance to select the right Java virtual machine for its environment. Oracle’s presales team evaluated Nedap’s technical requirements and advised the company in making the best choice for its solution. Nedap’s development team installed the Oracle Java SE Embedded virtual machine and immediately tested the company’s main system requirements, including performance, robustness, and stability. Nedap’s first reaction was very positive and shortly afterward it decided to build its complete environment with Oracle Java SE Embedded.