OMRON Boosts Competitive Advantage with 10x Increase in Controller Speed and Ability to Reduce Customers’ Factory Automation
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OMRON Boosts Competitive Advantage with 10x Increase in Controller Speed and Ability to Reduce Customers’ Factory Automation

OMRON Corporation is a global, industrial-automation company that operates in the fields of control devices, factory automation systems, and electronic components, with more than 100,000 distinct products to its name. With a 40% share of Japan’s domestic market in control devices, the company seeks to retain its leadership position. OMRON launched its unique, Sysmac NJ-Series machine automation controller to satisfy market demands for a more robust, stable, and reliable factory automation device.




A word from OMRON Corporation

  • “We were very impressed with Oracle Java SE Embedded. It far exceeded our performance expectations, enabling us to deliver 10x faster automation-controller speeds over previous programmable-logic controllers, and it provides a low-cost, high-performance device for our customers’ factory-automation systems.” – Minoru Oka, Assistant Manager, Group 1, Business Development Department No. 1, Control Division, Industrial Automation Company, OMRON Corporation.

  • Meet customer demand for high-performance, programmable logic controllers (PLC) capable of connecting directly with the database, providing a competitive edge
  • Minimize device malfunction risks and automation costs by eliminating multiple computer-connection points, ensuring high processing speed and stability for customers’ factory automation systems


Oracle Product and Services

  • Achieved 10x faster automation-controller speed by adopting Oracle Java SE Embedded as a direct database connection platform, avoiding the need for computer-driven PLC with multiple high-risk connection points
  • Reduced customers’ automation costs by eliminating the need for a high-powered and expensive control computer and work hours to develop programs to operate a computer
  • Improved machine-automation-controller development efficiency by 20%, thanks to Oracle Java SE Embedded
  • Enabled users to easily operate controllers by incorporating Java Micro Edition Connected Device Configuration technology, avoiding the need for skills of database specialists and creating a powerful market advantage  
  • Gained further competitive advantage by minimizing malfunction risks and providing a stable, high-performance controller to enhance customers’ factory automation systems

Why Oracle

OMRON realized that customers wanted a more stable, faster controller device for their factory automation systems. Following the launch of OMRON’s Sysmac NJ-Series machine automation controller in 2011, OMRON decided to adopt Oracle Java SE Embedded because of its reputation for high-performance and its suitability to Sysmac’s requirements.  

“We chose Oracle Java SE Embedded as it fits perfectly with Sysmac’s automation controller, which doesn’t have a large memory or the storage capacity of a personal computer. It also enables our customers to operate the device easily without the need for specialized database knowledge.” said Minoru Oka, assistant manager, group 1, business development department no. 1, control division, industrial automation company, OMRON Corporation.

Implementation Process

In early 2012, OMRON began researching various methods of connecting Sysmac’s automation controller directly with the database. 
In April 2013, OMRON adopted Oracle Java SE Embedded for its Sysmac controller and incorporated Java Micro Edition JDBC Optional Package for Connected Device Configuration Reference Implementation to enable Java programs to access databases.