Saudi Public Transport Company Improves Electronic Ticketing and Completes Queries in Five Minutes Instead of Two Hours
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Saudi Public Transport Company Improves Electronic Ticketing and Completes Queries in Five Minutes Instead of Two Hours

Founded in 1979, Saudi Public Transport Co. (SAPTCO) provides 24-hour bus service in Saudi Arabia, connecting 600 cities, towns, and villages with 579 daily scheduled trips. In addition to intracity service in 10 major cities, SAPTCO operates daily international trips to Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Sudan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. Working with more than 160 domestic and international travel agencies, the company also provides charter bus services and integrated transportation solutions for companies, educational institutions, and individuals. Since its founding, it has transported more than two billion passengers.




A word from Saudi Public Transport Company

  • “We achieved substantial benefits with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle Database. We can now operate the most critical part of our infrastructure, our e-ticketing application, seamlessly on Oracle technology and enhance our business continuously.” – Bader S. AL-Balwiy, Infrastructure & Operation Manager, Saudi Public Transport Company

  • Increase uptime, availability and reliability of the company’s e-ticketing application, as well as reliability of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and tailored applications
  • Improve performance of online transaction processing (OLTP) applications, especially the company’s countrywide electronic ticketing system for its 24-hour domestic and international bus services, to enable faster processing of things such as reservations, cancellations, and booking modifications
  • Develop and deploy new services, such as integrated transportation solutions for local communities, more quickly
  • Simplify system administration to free IT staff from repetitive tasks and enable them to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Streamline issue resolution by standardizing on a platform from single IT vendor


  • Consolidated four OLTP databases into one clustered database on Oracle Exadata Database Machine for improved performance of transactions, queries, reports, data loads, and backups
  • Improved availability of the company’s e-ticketing system and other OLTP applications with Oracle Real Application Clusters, enabling load balancing and parallel concurrent processing on dual-node servers
  • Reduced time required to generate query reports from two hours to five minutes, on average, such as reports on itemized ticket sales revenue and financial margin per bus line
  • Maximized electronic ticketing performance by increasing the memory size assigned to virtualization processes for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Automated core system administration and database management with Oracle Enterprise Manager, improving IT staff productivity — including collection of key performance indicators—and freeing the IT team to focus on other strategic priorities
  • Improved time-to-market for new travel and transportation services, for example electronic ticketing for mobile devices
  • Increased customer satisfaction through improved service functionalities that leverage a 360 degree view of each customer with Siebel CRM, running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Worked with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services to achieve fast and seamless migration from Oracle E-Business Suite Release 10 to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 from a single-node server to a dual-node server connected to Oracle Exadata Database Machine on Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • Accelerated problem resolution through a single vendor instead of dealing with several hardware and software manufacturers

Why Oracle

“Saudi Public Transport Company has had a very successful relationship with Oracle for 17 years, which means that we know Oracle’s products very well and have trained and experienced employees. We also consider Oracle Database the best database in the world. When we faced the decision to provide our critical OLTP applications with increased performance, Oracle’s engineered system was a natural choice for us, and Oracle Exadata Database Machine indeed boosted the efficiency of our business,” said Bader S. AL-Balwiy, infrastructure and operation manager, Saudi Public Transport Company.


“In Saudi Arabia, you cannot work directly with Oracle but need to go through an Oracle partner, so we contracted Ejada to have everything delivered. After that, our relationship was with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services, who undertook the successful implementation. Now we have a support contract with Oracle to ensure further support of the systems,” AL-Balwiy said.