Unisys Corporation Sets Foundation for Continual Business Process Improvement with Enterprise Application Suite Upgrade
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Unisys Corporation Sets Foundation for Continual Business Process Improvement with Enterprise Application Suite Upgrade

Unisys provides IT services, software, and technology that solve business problems for clients worldwide. Its solutions help business and public sector organizations secure their operations, increase efficiency and utilization of data centers, enhance support to end users and constituents, and modernize enterprise applications. To achieve these outcomes, Unisys delivers IT and business process outsourcing, systems integration and consulting, infrastructure and maintenance services, and high-end server technology.

Unisys runs much of its back-office operations―from procure, to pay, to service―on Oracle E-Business Suite. More than 4,000 users worldwide rely on the system daily to gain operational visibility and effectively serve customers.

Unisys was running unsupported versions of the Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Database on Unisys hardware and a Windows operating system. It wanted to return to supported product versions to ensure business continuity, avoid a complete Oracle E-Business Suite redeployment in the near future, and take advantage of new functionality in Release 12.1. In addition, Unisys looked to the upgrade as an opportunity to reduce costly application customizations and evaluate back-office processes with an eye toward improving operational efficiency.

Unisys worked with Oracle Insight to evaluate a path forward, choosing to upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 instead of pursuing an incremental upgrade to Version 11.5.10. This decision positioned the company to take advantage of new functionality, such as subledger accounting, and also deploy new modules, such as Oracle E-Business Tax. In addition it created a foundation for achieving new levels of back-office process automation and operational efficiency. As part of the initiative, Unisys upgraded to Oracle Database 11g and migrated from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008.

Unisys successfully completed the upgrade in July 2011, working with Oracle Consulting. It reduced Oracle E-Business Suite customizations by 25% across its two global instances, which will streamline IT maintenance and upgrades moving forward.

Unisys is also benefitting from Oracle E-Business Suite’s multiple organization capabilities, including Multiple Organization Access Control (MOAC), to speed system maintenance, management, and updates across the company’s 105 operating units as defined in the system. Unisys Vice President of Applications, Upinder Phanda, anticipates a five-fold acceleration in completing many of these tasks.

The company is now developing a plan to leverage new system functionality. Phanda’s team and line-of-business managers have already identified more than 100 opportunities to drive further business process improvement.

A word from Unisys Corporation

  • "By upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1, we regained support for our critical business applications and reduced application customization by 25%. More important, we now have modern applications that can help us attain new levels of business process and operational efficiency." – Upinder Phanda, Vice President, Applications, Unisys Corporation



Implementation Process

Unisys worked with Oracle Consulting throughout the upgrade process. As part of the development and deployment process, Unisys and Oracle created 3,000 business scenarios, worked with 200 testers worldwide, and conducted 20 practice upgrades. During the end-to-end upgrade period (from Release 12 to Release 12.1.1), the rollout proceeded smoothly, and Unisys returned the applications online ahead of schedule. Unisys has been running its business on the new Release 12.1 platform since going live in July 2011 without any major production outages.