PeopleSoft Enterprise Succession Planning

With Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Succession Planning, you can plan for your organization's continued success by determining who will eventually replace employees in key positions. The Succession Planning process enables you to develop and maintain succession plans for individual jobs, employees and positions in addition to managing and tracking employees in talent pools.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Succession Planning is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management family of applications and integrates seamlessly with PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management, ePerformance, and Recruiting Solutions; as well as with Manage Profiles and Career Planning in the core human resources application.


  • Develop succession plans with and without position management; create plans for individual employees, job codes, and positions.
  • Identify, track, and manage key employees in talent pools.
  • View real-time hierarchical visualization of incumbents and successors, including relevant profile data.
  • Manager self-service access to their direct reports' succession plans via Succession 360 involves them in planning process.
  • Configure X-Y grids for rating boxes (often designed as 9-box) that can be used to track user-defined criteria such as performance, potential, readiness, and so on, and to rate talent pool members or successors.
  • Utilize integration with Profile Manager to support the matching and identification of skills gaps between potential successors and incumbent or job profile.
  • Search internal and external candidate pools.
  • Identify learning needs, enroll in related courses, and associate learning programs to talent pools with integration to Learning Management.
  • Review development plans with integration to ePerformance.