PeopleSoft Release Process Model

Feature Packs are the newest addition to Oracle's PeopleSoft Release Process Model, which not only continues to deliver major releases but also provides multiple methods for delivering new features between major releases. If you are already using Release 9.1 you can apply bundles and maintenance packs to:

  • Add new functionality to your current Release 9.1 applications without having to upgrade.
  • Apply selected features more frequently instead of having to wait 3 years for any new capabilities delivered in a major release.

If you haven't yet deployed the latest release, you can install or upgrade to the most current point and take advantage of all the latest capabilities provided in the Feature Packs.


Feature Packs are a new off-cycle delivery mechanism in addition to the existing off-cycle delivery mechanisms of bundles and maintenance packs. Feature Packs will consist of a roll-up of capabilities and updates previously delivered in bundles and maintenance packs. In addition, at the delivery of Feature Packs Oracle will re-cut the CD to include the roll-up of capabilities and updates previously delivered in bundles and maintenance packs as well as recertify upgrades and integrations.


Oracle is continuing to invest in PeopleSoft applications and technology to deliver value to PeopleSoft customers. The PeopleSoft release strategy is to:

  • Add capabilities to the current release via existing off-cycle delivery mechanisms (bundles and maintenance packs) and Feature Packs.
  • Deliver annual PeopleTools releases.
  • Deliver major releases on a ~3-year release cycle.


PeopleSoft Information Portal provides Information Solution Sheets with links to PeopleSoft documentation, training, and other useful information, including the latest Feature Pack details.

PSFTOracle's Channel on YouTube provides links to Video Feature Overviews (VFOs), which present quick demonstrations of the latest PeopleSoft functionality available in the Feature Packs.