Oracle iReceipts

Oracle iReceipts an iPhone application for Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Expenses.

For organizations that have employees who travel frequently, handling cash transactions for their employees' expenses can be a time-consuming, inefficient process. Oracle iReceipts for the iPhone allows Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Expenses users to scan receipts and populate cash transactions from their iPhones while they are on-the-go, increasing productivity and improving accuracy.

Oracle iReceipts is available for free through the Apple App Store for Oracle customers currently running Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Expenses Release 9.0 and soon to be released 9.1.


  • Increase employee productivity and satisfaction
    Oracle iReceipts leverages the iPhone's sleek, intuitive, and simple user interface, allowing users to quickly and easily enter their cash transactions. With this mobile application and intuitive design, users can manage their cash expense at their convenience, anytime and anywhere.
  • Complete integration with PeopleSoft Expenses
    With Oracle iReceipts, users can promptly submit cash receipt line items with seamless integration to PeopleSoft Expenses even while disconnected from a computer or the Internet. Once cash line items are submitted, users receive real-time status updates of their submitted cash transactions.
  • Leverage iPhone's innovative technology
    Oracle iReceipts incorporates many of the iPhone's innovative applications. Users can use the iPhone Camera to take pictures of their cash receipts and upload those images as their scanned receipts to PeopleSoft Expenses. With the GPS technology in the iPhone, users automatically have their transactions tagged with their location without any manual input.
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