SPARC T3-1 Server Posts a High Score on New Siebel CRM 8.1.1 Benchmark


(As of Monday, 20 September 2010)

Oracle’s SPARC T3-1 server, running Oracle’s Siebel CRM application servers, and Oracle’s Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 server, which used Oracle Solaris Containers to run Oracle iPlanet Web Server and Oracle Database 11g R2, delivered an outstanding result of 13,000 active Siebel benchmark users with Oracle’s Siebel CRM v.8.1.1, the most widely used CRM application package.


This benchmark simulates real-world requirements of a large enterprise that has more than 10,000 concurrent service representatives in a call center running Oracle’s Siebel Finance Call Center applications. The benchmark also simulates seamless integration with Oracles’ Siebel CRM On Demand Web Services, using the Siebel Enterprise Application Integration component (EAI). The Siebel Finance Call Center provides complete solution for sales and service, allowing customer service and telesales representatives to provide superior customer support, improve customer loyalty, and increase revenues through cross-selling and up-selling. The EAI allows organizations to integrate their existing and third-party applications with Siebel CRM applications via pre-built Web services that seamlessly expose them through standard Web portals and other Web service-enabled environments.


  • Oracle’s solution achieved 13,000 Siebel benchmark concurrent users on this benchmark. SPARC T3-1 and Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 servers, running on the application and database tier, respectively, utilized Oracle Solaris with Oracle Solaris Containers to virtualize the Web and database tiers of the benchmark.
  • The SPARC T3-1 server in the application tier was able to support 13,000 concurrent users with a rate of 116,449 business transactions throughput per hour for enterprise application integration.
  • The SPARC T3-1 server in the application tier was able to support 13,000 concurrent users with a rate of 48,409 business transactions throughput per hour for Siebel Finance Call center.
  • The average response time for the Siebel Finance Call Center portion was 0.4 seconds and for the Web services it was 0.2 seconds.

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