Oracle Support Rewards FAQ

What is the Oracle Support Rewards program?

Oracle Support Rewards is a program that provides additional value to Oracle’s on-premises software customers who also consume Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services. Based on their consumption of OCI services, customers earn Support Rewards that are then applied as a form of payment for their Software Update License and Support for Oracle Technology Programs.

Who is eligible for this program?

Customers using Oracle’s on-premises software become eligible for Oracle Support Rewards when they enter a new Universal Credits order and begin consuming OCI services. OCI Pay As You Go customers are not eligible at this time.

Is this program available globally?

Yes. This is available in all regions except for China and the US federal Public Sector.

US Government and similarly situated US public sector customers that may not be able to participate in the Oracle Support Rewards program may instead qualify for a discount off applicable support renewal invoices based on cloud usage.

How do I enroll in Oracle Support Rewards?

Upon request, your cloud sales rep will provide you with an eligible Cloud Universal Credits Ordering Document, including the terms of your enrollment in Oracle Support Rewards. These terms will be included in all future orders for that subscription tenancy for the intended duration of your participation in the program until you choose to opt out.

Is Bring Your Own License (BYOL) eligible for the program?

Yes, BYOL services on the Universal Credits Model (UCM) rate card are eligible for the program.

I am an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) customer with ULA2PaaS. Can I enroll in the Oracle Support Rewards program?

You may not deploy both ULA2PaaS and Oracle Support Rewards. If you have the right to ULA2PaaS, have not exercised the option to purchase OCI services under that model, and would prefer to leverage the Oracle Support Rewards program, you may amend your ULA to remove the right to ULA2PaaS. If you have already leveraged the ULA2PaaS program benefits, then you can reconsider at renewal.

Is Oracle applications support eligible?

No, but customers can contact their cloud applications rep for details on our incentives, such as aaaa Customer 2 Cloud, for moving applications to the cloud.

Do I accrue rewards using every OCI service?

Almost every OCI service is eligible. Consumption services and offerings that include third parties such as VMware, Microsoft, and Oracle Cloud Marketplace are not eligible.

Do I accrue rewards for my Oracle SaaS usage?

No. Though Oracle Cloud Applications run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Cloud Applications, such as Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, are not eligible.

Can I accrue rewards for Oracle Cloud@Customer?

Yes. A customer can accrue rewards for the portion that is delivered under UCM, but the subscription portion for the base rack is not eligible.

Do I only accrue rewards for Oracle software or workloads?

No. Any workload on OCI can accrue rewards. Paid consumption of any eligible OCI service running Oracle software, custom applications, ISV applications, and so on can earn rewards.

Are promotions, trials, or Free Tier services eligible for this program?

No, this program is not available for proof of concept/trial customers or those using Free Tier services.

If I purchase UCM through a reseller, can I earn rewards?

Yes, the Support Rewards belong to the “Sold to” on the UCM order. UCM orders through a reseller do not affect the customer’s ability to purchase, consume, and accrue Support Rewards.

What if I renew my technology license support through an Oracle Support Renewal Partner?

In certain cases, authorized Oracle Support Renewal Partners manage the technology license support renewal for end users. In such cases, the end user can authorize the redemption of their rewards to their Oracle Support Renewal Partner.

How are rewards accrued?

As OCI services are consumed, customers accrue Support Rewards to apply as a form of payment to any eligible open invoice for on-premises support of Oracle technology programs.

What are the accrual rates?

Rates vary based on the customer scenario. For customers who have a current Unlimited License Agreement (ULA), rewards will accrue at 33% (e.g., US$0.33 for each US$1.00 of consumption). For all others, rewards accrue at 25% (e.g., US$0.25 for each US$1.00 of consumption).

How is it determined if a customer is eligible for the ULA accrual rate vs. the non-ULA Oracle Technology Programs rate?

ULA eligibility applies to all entities included in the ULA. If the customer has a mix of ULA and non-ULA, we will include all UCM consumption at the ULA rate.

When are the earned Oracle Support Rewards calculated?

Oracle Support Rewards are earned and calculated at the end of each month, based on the total monthly consumption of OCI resources and the customer’s Oracle Support Rewards accrual rate.

How is the total monthly consumption of OCI resources calculated?

Total monthly consumption is calculated by multiplying the (unit net price) x (actual usage) of eligible OCI services. Unit net price is specified in the rate card of the order or seen in the Oracle Cloud Console.

When do Oracle Support Rewards start accruing?

Oracle Support Rewards start accruing only when the services period for the new order is active.

How long are Oracle Support Rewards valid?

Oracle Support Rewards are valid for 12 months following the date they are accrued and deposited in the customer’s Rewards account. If unused at the end of the period, these rewards will expire. For example, rewards accrued and deposited in the customer’s Rewards account at the end of December 2021 will expire at the end of December 2022.

How do consumption overages count toward Oracle Support Rewards accrual?

Consumption overages during the services period count no differently than normal consumption.

Is there a limit to the amount a customer can accrue?

No, there is no limit to the amount of Oracle Support Rewards a customer can accrue.

Where does the customer see their accrued rewards?

Customers can see their Support Rewards in the OCI console under "Billing & Cost Management" and "Support Rewards."

Can I share my rewards with other entities in my company hierarchy?

Yes, you may apply rewards to eligible invoices for support that might be under other entities within your company hierarchy.

Can Oracle Support Rewards be used to pay the tax on a support invoice?

Taxes cannot be paid with rewards. Only the pretax invoice amount can be paid with rewards. 

Can Oracle Support Rewards be redeemed for cash or any other type of currency?

No. Oracle Support Rewards can only be applied to Oracle Technology Programs invoices and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of currency.

In what order are rewards redeemed?

Rewards are redeemed in order of earliest expiry date.

Can the rewards expiration period be extended past 12 months?

No, the rewards are issued monthly in arrears and will be valid for 12 months from the date of issuance. We are unable to reactivate expired rewards.

Can rewards be used for Oracle technology products available on a subscription basis?

No, Support Rewards redemption is limited to support renewals with Software Update License & Support for Oracle Technology Programs; products such as Java and some MySQL offerings available on a subscription basis are excluded as these include both license and support. Oracle Linux products also are not eligible.

Can rewards earned across multiple subscriptions be applied to the same Support Invoice?

Yes, the rewards earned on any number of Cloud subscriptions can be redeemed against the same invoice, provided the user is authorized to redeem rewards.

Can a customer delay paying a support invoice in anticipation of usage rewards that are accumulated during future months?

Support rewards accrued after the due date of an invoice cannot be applied as a payment method on that invoice. The rewards are valid for 12 months, and thus will be available for renewal in the next year.

Who do I contact if I have general questions about the Support Rewards program?

If you are not already enrolled in the program, please reach out to your sales representative or contact Sales. If you are enrolled in the program and have questions about using your rewards, please contact Billing Support.