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New B2B selling experience

How much more effective would your sales teams be if their CRM system actually helped them sell better? The next-generation of sales automation does just that. With these latest innovations, we are reimagining the B2B seller experience. Oracle Sales now allows you to talk to your CRM, streamline quoting, do more with less clicks, and accelerate deals. This set of innovations includes adaptive search, favorites, workspace infolets, and a new digital sales assistant within Oracle CX Sales Mobile. Explore these new enhancements below to learn more.

Streamlined quoting with adaptive search

Eliminate switching between systems and find what you’re looking for faster. New search capabilities help sellers quickly discover and consolidate key sales information related to a sales opportunity, territory, account, quote, asset, product, partner, and more. Adaptive search uses high-performance, global search and smart filters to retrieve relevant results, including quote information from CPQ, at subsecond speeds. This centralized search extends beyond standard CRM data to help sellers quickly find and access relevant quote-level detail within workspace.

Quotes within adaptive search

You can move deals forward directly from your workspace search results and take the following actions:

  • Update or copy records
  • Log a call
  • Create a task
  • Create an appointment
  • Add notes
  • Run opportunity assignment
  • Update or copy records
List of actions within search results

The benefits of adaptive search are not limited to your workspace. You can save complex searches and access them across multiple systems including desktop, mobile, and Microsoft 365.

Adaptive search allows you to spend less time searching and more time selling.

  • Bring everything you need into one screen with searches across CRM, CPQ, and ERP systems
  • Easily save and retain complex searches and filter for access at a later date
  • Easily pull line-item quote details directly to into your CRM workspace
  • Get a consistent experience with saved searches across mobile, workspace, and Microsoft 365

Learn more about Oracle Sales Force Automation.

Get the data that matters most with favorites

View the most relevant records at the top of your search results using favorites. Oracle Sales intelligently generates smart lists using information about each seller’s patterns of behavior and preferences. By marking your favorites, your most relevant records will show at the top of the list every time. Favorites make it easy to find your most important sales records, including accounts, contacts, and opportunities, and share them across desktop, mobile, and Microsoft 365.

Below your marked favorites, smart lists sorts the most important records by urgency, relevancy, and other factors to get the most important data to the top of the list.

Favorites help you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

  • Focus on what matters by marking your favorite accounts, contacts, opportunities, and more
  • Get curated lists of your most relevant sales records across any device
  • See the same lists and favorites within workspace, Oracle CX Sales Mobile, and Microsoft 365
Smart list favorites within the Oracle Sales workspace and mobile app

Learn more about Oracle Sales Force Automation.

Customize your dashboard with workspace infolets

Break free from generic, one-size-fits-all dashboards and take immediate action to move deals through the pipeline. You no longer have to rely on system administrators to set up a generic dashboard. You can create and configure your dashboard to match the way you work and provide the information you need.

Take action from within your sales dashboard

Workspace infolets now bring the power of workspace to the home page. Take quick actions directly within your sales dashboard. Just click within an infolet to quickly accept leads, qualify prospects, rank deals, create tasks, and more—right from the home page. Accomplishing daily tasks has never been easier.

Workspace infolets save you time and make it easier to manage your deals.

  • Take any number of actions with the click of button, the same way you would within a workspace
  • Accelerate the sales cycle with easy access to the information and actions you need
  • Configure your own sales dashboard, without help from IT
Action-driven infolets within the sales dashboard

Learn more about Oracle Sales Force Automation.

Mobile digital assistant with voice capabilities

Talk to your CRM to easily complete tasks and move deals forward, faster. With a mobile digital assistant that responds to your voice or text, you can enter CRM data and get work done quickly and efficiently. The conversational UI within Oracle CX Sales Mobile understands the way you naturally speak and text. No need to learn the language of the system.

Whether you’re out running an errand or grabbing lunch with a prospect, your digital assistant is there for you on your mobile device. You can easily log meeting notes, access your daily sales brief, or complete other tasks—all using voice or text commands.

Consistent experience across workspace and mobile

Now, the saved searches, favorites, and smart lists available in your workspace and infolets are available through the new sales assistant on your mobile device. Sales reps can quickly and easily retrieve the records they need with powerful global search when they are on the go.

The new mobile digital assistant boosts seller productivity.

  • Enter CRM data easily with your own mobile digital assistant
  • Use conversational voice commands to find your CRM data and complete tasks
  • Free your hands and complete tasks using natural language voice commands
  • Access sales records from anywhere, even when you’re offline
  • Find the records you need anytime, anywhere with a consistent global search experience across devices
A conversation within Oracle CX Sales Mobile

Learn more about Oracle Sales Force Automation.

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