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Oracle Standard Database Service

Oracle Standard Database Service’s managed compute and storage infrastructure lowers customer costs for running Oracle Database Standard Edition workloads in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. IT teams have access to all the features needed to build dynamic business applications, increasing their productivity with self-service database provisioning and lifecycle automation. Customers reduce the total cost of operations for cloud databases with more efficient database licensing and low storage costs.

Why choose Oracle Standard Database Service

Easier innovation and faster insight

Converged database support for multiple data types and access models, including relational, JSON, and graph, allows developers to create innovative applications using a single database. Customers achieve real-time, data-driven insights without having to access or manage multiple databases.

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Easier innovation and faster insight

Simplified database administration

Easy-to-use management through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console, software development kits (SDKs), and representational state transfer (REST) APIs allows customers to simplify the most common database administration tasks. Oracle Enterprise Manager allows IT teams to have an end-to-end view of their Oracle Database environments, increasing productivity.

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Simplified database administration

Quickly create differentiated applications

Oracle APEX enables developers to create applications 20x faster and with 100x less code, reducing costs and time to market.

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Application development

Comprehensive database protection

Oracle Standard Database service protects customers' databases throughout their lifecycle with multilevel security, including always-on encryption, isolation in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and the Oracle Data Safe security console.

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Database protection

Lower costs

Oracle Standard Database Service allows customers to lower their cloud costs with low subscription pricing and bring-your-own-license (BYOL) pricing models. A choice of high-performance virtual machines with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure block storage enables IT departments to lower monthly total cost of operations for cloud databases by up to 45% as discussed in Accenture’s analysis (PDF).

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Lower costs

Oracle Standard Database Service

Standard databases for departmental applications

Standard Database Service allows customers to use Oracle Database Standard Edition SE2 to develop and run workgroup, department-level, and web applications. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure automation support makes it easy for database administrators to create, patch, and manage Oracle databases.

  • Runs Oracle Database 11.2, 12.1, 12.2, 19c, or 21c with converged database capabilities to meet application-specific requirements
  • Multilayered security including always-on transparent database encryption allows customers to protect databases at the source
  • Scaling of database OCPU licenses allows customers to meet application needs while minimizing costs
  • Built-in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure automation enables DBAs to quickly provision databases and easily manage them throughout their lifecycle, improving productivity
  • Automated or on-demand database backup to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage increases protection for customer databases
  • Flexible subscription and bring-your-own-license (BYOL) subscription models enable IT departments to tightly manage costs

Lowest-cost platform for Standard Database Service

Virtual machine infrastructure allows customers to minimize costs when running Oracle Standard Database Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Shared computing resources with provisioned block storage economically run a wide variety of database workloads.

  • Compute shapes with 1 to 8 OCPUs and 2 to 16 threads support customers with small to large database processing requirements
  • 15 GB of memory per OCPU and up to 40 TB of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Storage allow customers to optimize costs for a wide range of database sizes
  • Fast provisioning of single-node virtual-machine infrastructure for Oracle Database with logical volume manager increases developer productivity
CMiC Customer Logo

Oracle Standard Database Service customer successes

CMiC implemented their construction ERP service with Standard Database Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They simplified their infrastructure by replacing more than 10 software packages and databases with a single application while achieving dependable, repeatable results.

Oracle Standard Database Service use cases

  • Develop and run cloud native applications

    Rapidly create and deploy dynamic, intelligent applications using a low-code development environment, enabling customers to solve data-driven business problems faster.

  • Modernize applications and databases on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Run databases supporting ISV and custom applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without the complexity of managing the underlying database infrastructure.

  • Improve data governance

    Standardize security and availability management by replacing multiple standalone database services with a converged database service that saves IT resources and reduces risk.

  • Reduce cloud costs

    Reduce total costs by running Oracle Database with cost-effective license included, or choose BYOL pricing and virtual machines with low-cost OCI block storage that lower total cost of operations by up to 45%, as summarized in Accenture’s cost comparison (PDF).


Virtual Machine

Comparison Price ( /vCPU)*
Unit Price
Oracle Database Standard Edition

OCPU per hour
Oracle Database All Editions - BYOL

OCPU per hour

Oracle Standard Database cloud pricing is based on the number of enabled OCPUs per instance, dependent on the type and shape of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute selected. Oracle Standard Database Service running on virtual machines also requires customers to select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure block storage.

*To make it easier to compare pricing across cloud service providers, Oracle web pages show both vCPU (virtual CPUs) prices and OCPU (Oracle CPU) prices for products with compute-based pricing. The products themselves, provisioning in the portal, billing, etc. continue to use OCPU (Oracle CPU) units. OCPUs represent physical CPU cores. Most CPU architectures, including x86, execute two threads per physical core, so 1 OCPU is the equivalent of 2 vCPUs for x86-based compute. The per-hour OCPU rate customers are billed at is therefore twice the vCPU price since they receive two vCPUs of compute power for each OCPU, unless it’s a sub-core instance such as preemptible instances. Additional details supporting the difference between OCPU vs. vCPU can be accessed here.

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