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What is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging?

Logging is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's official, cloud native, fully managed, distributed log management platform that allows you to ingest logs from your resources and applications, search and analyze them in one view, and export and take action on them via Oracle Service Connector Hub.

When should I use Logging?

You should use Logging if you require additional diagnostic and troubleshooting information from your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources, or if you need to ingest logs from your applications.

How is Logging priced?

Logging is priced based on monthly storage. The price is $0.05 per GB/stored per month.

In what regions is Logging available?

Logging is available in all commercial regions. Government regions are coming soon.

How can I use Logging?

You can use Logging via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s console, SDK, command-line interface (CLI), REST API, and Terraform.

What kind of logs can I ingest in Logging?

You can ingest three kinds of logs:

  • Audit logs via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Audit (free and automatically enabled)
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service logs, allowing you to enable logging directly on your Cloud Infrastructure resources
  • Custom logs—logs generated from your applications

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What services are supported in Logging?

For service logs, the following Cloud Infrastructure services are supported: Network Flow Logs, Load Balancer, Object Storage, Functions, API Gateway, and Events. More services are coming soon.

How do I turn on Logging for a resource?

You can enable Logging directly on the resource page of a supported resource, via the Logs tab. Or directly via the central Logging management console.

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What kind of environments does Logging support for custom logs?

You can ingest logs from Cloud Infrastructure instances, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, on-premises environment, or from other cloud providers.

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How do I install the Logging agent on my fleet?

You can install the agent by making sure the monitoring plugin is enabled. For non-Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instances, you can install the agent manually. Once the agent is installed, you can define an agent configuration.

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Can I control access to my logs?

You can control who has access to your logs directly with log groups and Oracle Identity and Access Management policies.

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How can I view/search my logs?

You can view, search, and analyze the logs directly via the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console under the Search page.

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Can I export my logs for indefinite retention?

Yes. You can configure your logs to be exported to your Object Storage buckets for indefinite retention via Service Connector Hub.

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Can I send my logs to third-party destinations?

Yes. You can send your logs to external third-party destinations via Service Connector Hub.

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Can I emit log-based metrics or take additional actions from my logs?

Yes. You can configure log based metrics, set up notifications, or invoke serverless Functions via Service Connector Hub.

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