Provide restricted and time-limited secure access to resources that don't have public endpoints and require strict resource access controls. Examples include compute instances, bare metal and virtual machines, MySQL, ATP, OKE, and any other resource that allows Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) access. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Bastion service, customers can enable access to private hosts without deploying and maintaining a jump host. In addition, customers gain improved security posture with identity-based permissions and a centralized, audited, and time-bound SSH session. OCI Bastion removes the need for a public IP for bastion access, eliminating the hassle and potential attack surface from remote access.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Bastion product features

Gain restricted and time-limited access to cloud resources without public-facing endpoints

Maintain strong security posture for access to private hosts without needing to deploy jump hosts.

Gain a single view of all OCI Bastion sessions

Improve security posture with an identity-based enforcement and centralized control of time-bound, ephemeral SSH sessions. All sessions are audited for ongoing visibility and security.

Easily manage SSH sessions and port forwarding for secure access

Simplify SSH access to native Oracle Linux images running Oracle Cloud Agent (OCA) with SSH key propagation on managed sessions. Gain easy access to resources not running OCA or other protocols over SSH.

June 14, 2022

Securely access Oracle Cloud VMware Solution using OCI Bastion service

Praveen Kumar Pedda Vakkalam, Oracle Principal Solutions Architect

Away from your workstation, but need to access vCenter or NSX Manager for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution software-defined data center quickly and securely? Follow the directions in this blog to access vCenter and NSX Manager using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Bastion service.

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