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Oracle Key Vault

Oracle Key Vault securely stores encryption keys, Oracle Wallets, Java Keystores, and credential files in a scalable, fault-tolerant, multimaster cluster that is separate from the encrypted data itself.

New Release: Oracle Key Vault 21

Key Vault now offers enhanced capabilities for secrets management, a brand new user interface, and the ability to manage keys for endpoints and applications.

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Explore Oracle Key Vault

Secure key storage, management, and distribution

Oracle Key Vault is specifically engineered for high-performance encryption key management for Oracle Transparent Data Encryption, part of Oracle Advanced Security.

Centralized secrets storage and distribution

Reduce complexity and strengthen security by centrally storing and distributing passwords, tokens, SSH keys, certificates, wallets, and other secrets. The impact of losing one of these secrets can be catastrophic. Key Vault distributes, itemizes, and protects secrets in a highly-available, scalable cluster.

Scale without downtime

High-availability cluster deployment supports up to 16 fully replicated nodes, each capable of read/write operation. Scale the cluster without downtime, support geographically distributed systems, and enable high levels of resource use with no idle standby servers.

Tested and certified

Key Vault is engineered to work seamlessly throughout the Oracle environment with support for Oracle Database, Oracle MySQL, Oracle Exadata, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle GoldenGate, and more. Key Vault is specifically designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of a busy database, providing secure, centralized storage and management of keys in a highly available cluster of key management servers. Key Vault provides a secure alternative to using local wallets, allowing you to safely remove the encryption keys from servers where encrypted databases are operated. This improves security and reduces the risk of compromise.

Easy to deploy

Available in Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Key Vault offers prebuilt images so organizations can get started and improve database security in just minutes. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ( OCI)-based Oracle Key Vault clusters provide fault-tolerant, continuous key management services to on-premises, hybrid, or multicloud database deployments. Migrate on-premises Key Vault clusters to OCI, or vice versa, without database downtime. Leverage OCI’s resiliency by installing Key Vault cluster nodes into different availability domains within the same or across different Oracle Cloud regions. Benefit from the flexible deployment options by adding or removing nodes from a cluster and increasing or decreasing the size of the OCI VM shape.


Key Vault provides RESTful APIs for cluster monitoring, database enrollment, and automation, allowing management of large numbers of databases and reducing the cost of administration by eliminating the repetitive tasks of manual database registration.

NOS logo

NOS uses Oracle Key Vault to simplify EU GDPR compliance

“On our path towards EU GDPR compliance, we chose Oracle Database Security solutions, including Oracle Advanced Security, Oracle Key Vault, Oracle Database Vault, Oracle Audit Vault, and Oracle Database Firewall to streamline and simplify our Oracle deployment. With Oracle, we minimize risk and further enhance our overall security.”

Henrique Zacarias, CIO, NOS


Oracle Key Vault use cases

  • Online storage and distribution of keys

    Embrace a more secure alternative to using local wallets. Remove encryption keys from the database server and reduce the risk of compromise.

  • Key management for Oracle GoldenGate

    Key Vault offers online key management for encrypted trail files, independent of the database vendor, protecting data throughout the entire replication process.

  • Key Management for ACFS

    Key Vault supports key storage and distribution for Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System.

  • Accelerate Compliance

    Manage keys for Transparent Data Encryption to accelerate compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and more.



Oracle Key Vault documentation

Review the documentation for Oracle Key Vault versions 21.1, 18.6, 12.2 and 12.1. Topics include installation, upgrading, clustering, integration with HSMs, maintenance and management, and much more.


AskTOM database security Office Hours

AskTOM Office Hours offers free, open Q&A sessions with Oracle Database experts who are eager to help you fully leverage the multitude of enterprise-strength database security tools available to your organization.

Learning Library

LiveLabs Workshop: Oracle Key Vault

This workshop introduces Key Vault’s features, explains how to set up the environment and walks attendees through the process for generating SSH keys. Run this workshop on your own tenancy or reserve a time to run the workshop on LiveLabs, free of charge.

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Learn how to set up the environment and generate SSH keys. Run the workshop on your own tenancy or reserve a time to run the workshop on LiveLabs, free of charge.

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