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Presented by Oracle
Experience Inspiration

Experience Inspiration,
Spark Innovation


Inspiration lives here.

Over the past forty years, Oracle’s mission has been to transform our world for the better through innovative technologies. Now, we’re capturing inspirational stories about employees, customers and partners doing amazing things to help us realize that mission.

Experience Inspiration, presented by Oracle, gives us a platform to share these stories with you and the world at large. Here you will find extraordinary speakers who have made a profound impact on society—from shaping lives to reinventing industries. And we are constantly on the hunt for new sources of inspiration, so if you know of someone within Oracle’s ecosystem doing amazing things, let us know.

For now, take a few minutes to listen to what our speakers have to say. Some have overcome extreme adversity to transform their lives and careers; others have taken the seed of an idea and nurtured it into a force for good. All deserve to be recognized for the work they do to make our world a better place.

We hope this Experience Inspiration series helps inspire you to take your personal and professional growth to new levels. For your benefit, and for the benefit of us all.

Watch these Experience Inspiration speakers:

Jessica Ross, Vice President and Controller, Stitch Fix

Jessica's passion is helping others realize their potential.

Jessica Ross is vice president and controller at Stitch Fix, an online retailer disrupting its industry by combining data science with personalization at scale. In her role, Jessica is responsible for ensuring that the company is reporting accurately to Wall Street as well as building out a modern, data-driven finance organization able to scale the business as it expands into new markets. She brings to Stitch Fix a passion for retail combined with over two decades of experience leading large-scale finance initiatives at iconic brands such as Kaiser Permanente and Gymboree. A proud mother of two and community service activist, Jessica's passion is helping others realize their potential by looking through the lens of possibility.

Loren Mahon, Vice President, Finance Systems, Office of the CEO, Oracle

Change Management Champion.

A 28-year veteran of Oracle, Loren combined her studies in anthropology and business and diverse experiences within Oracle to carve out a unique role for herself: a change management champion helping both Oracle and the customers it serves transform finance and lead through disruption. In addition to her day job overseeing Oracle’s internal adoption of ERP and EPM Cloud, Loren is a highly sought-after speaker on finance topics, and meets almost daily with customers to share her expertise in people, systems, and process optimization. A founding board member of Oracle’s Women Leadership (OWL), Loren also serves on a number of professional and community boards promoting technology, diversity, and social welfare.

Jeremy Bloom, Founder, Wish of a Lifetime

My biggest thrill is granting life-changing wishes to senior citizens.

Jeremy Bloom is a former World Champion and Olympic skier, NCAA and NFL football player, and current tech startup founder. His foundation connects seniors to other people in the community, reducing isolation and increasing the transfer of wisdom from older to younger. Bloom is also the founder and CEO of Integrate, an Oracle partner, whose mission is to help make marketers’ worlds simpler and results easier to measure.

Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, Chairman, AICPA; Executive Director, Oracle

Inclusive leadership gives everyone a seat at the table.

Kimberly decided in elementary school that accounting would be her ticket to a comfortable life. But she didn't foresee that it would lead to a storied career founded on inclusive leadership and giving back.

Joe Musselman, CEO and Founder, The Honor Foundation

Helping Navy Seals transition from active service to civilian life.

An unfortunate incident led Joe Musselman to establish a foundation that provides professional development guidance and a diverse ecosystem of world-class support and technology for Navy Seals leaving active service.