Launching new business units quickly on Oracle Cloud

Xerox, the company that invented the modern office, needed an agile IT strategy to support new business units. Using a core set of Oracle solutions, the company is speeding innovations to market with products in 3D printing, augmented reality, and more.

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Naresh Shanker, Xerox senior vice president and chief technology officer, shares how Xerox uses Oracle Cloud to continue the company’s legacy of inventing and disrupting, faster than ever before.

2X faster speed to market

Until recently, it took Xerox up to three months to implement the IT systems needed to support a new venture. Today, new Xerox business units use Oracle Cloud to spin up online commerce, invoice processing, business analytics, and more—all in as little as six weeks.

“We can spin up a new business in just a few weeks, all without switching to a different platform. That’s the beauty of Oracle Cloud.”

Naresh Shanker
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Xerox

Still the company of the future

Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) not only invented the copier and laser printer, but also pioneered innovations such as object-oriented programming and the graphic user interface (GUI). Today, with the help of Oracle Cloud, Xerox has the agility it needs to extend its history of innovation into the future.

“Because we are an innovative company, speed to market is very important. Oracle Cloud let us hit the ground running.”

Sreedhar Vaidyanathan
Vice President, Digital Transformation, Xerox