Oracle Linux—Operating System

Power the Modern Data Center

Oracle Linux provides an innovative and secure open cloud IT infrastructure with support for major hardware platforms and applications.

Oracle Linux 7

Oracle Linux enables you to build a modern, cloud-enabled data center.

Offering Choice, Delivering Value

Offering Choice, Delivering Value

  • Next-generation cloud development with Oracle Linux, Docker, Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux, and Linux Containers
  • Ksplice provides security with continuous patches to your kernel and user space without downtime
  • Easy to download
  • Free to use, distribute, and update

LG UPlus Benefits from Oracle Linux on Oracle Database
LG UPlus Benefits from Oracle Linux on Oracle Database
We are migrating from Red Hat to Oracle Linux because Oracle offered us an overall better value. Not only are the licensing terms more appealing, but we also found that there are various performance and features advantages to use Oracle Linux with the Oracle database.
—HeeHok Lee, Senior Systems Manager, LG UPlus

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