Events Service

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Events Service tracks resource changes using events that comply with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) CloudEvents standard. Developers can respond to changes in real-time by triggering code with Functions, writing to Streaming, or sending alerts using Notifications.

Events Service features

Streamlined IT operations

Track changes easily

Oracle Events Service eliminates the complexity of manually tracking changes across cloud resources.

Near real-time response automation

Respond to changes in near real-time using Functions, Notifications, or Streaming.

Intelligent delivery at scale

Events Service manages message delivery at any scale. It attempts to deliver all messages at least once, with multiple retries in case an endpoint is down. Duplicate deliveries of events can happen in some cases. It is architected to handle endpoint outages and latency.

Deep integration

Integrate notifications with infrastructure services

Events Service integrates with numerous Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, so that customers can track changes across all cloud resources.

Built-in security

Events Service integrates with Identity and Access Management so that customers can define granular user permissions for creating and managing rules.

Seamless interoperability

Compliance with the CloudEvents standard

Events Service is compliant with CNCF CloudEvents for seamless interoperability with the cloud native ecosystem.

Build applications across clouds

Developers can build applications across CloudEvents-compatible cloud providers with minimal refactoring, so that they can focus on building and innovating.

Use cases for Cloud Events Service


Events Service is free. Customers only pay for the services they consume that publish events to the Events Service or that receive events from the Events Service, such as Functions, Notifications, and Streaming.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Events Service Now Generally Available

Vimal Kocherla, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

The Events service lets you subscribe to changes in your cloud resources and respond to them by using Oracle Functions, Notifications, and Streaming. It eliminates the need to continuously poll your resources for changes.

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