Proving Authenticity with Traceability

Proving Authenticity with Traceability

Traceability is a key value for Certified Origins. Oracle Cloud helps them log the path of their extra virgin olive oil from thousands of co-op farms to retailers around the world.

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Saving Data From Disaster

From Data Insights to Disaster Resilience

NIED disaster research protects people and their livelihoods. They trust Oracle Cloud to keep important data secure, even when disaster strikes.

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Explore New Directions

Explore New Directions

All tomorrows look different, but can give us insight into how our own might shape up. Catch up on stories of future-looking businesses solving tomorrow’s issues, today.

Cloud Powers the Winds of Change

Cloud Powers the Winds of Change

Solar and wind power will transform power supplies in the developing world. Access Power and cloud-enabled solutions are making it possible.

Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld:
Registration Is Open

Learn how to adopt new technologies—including autonomous database, blockchain, and AI—and maximize performance of your applications. September 16–19, San Francisco.

Oracle Scores Highest in All Four Use Cases for Operational Databases

Oracle Scores Highest in
All Four Use Cases for Operational Databases

2018 Gartner report rates four critical capabilities of Operational Database Management Systems. Oracle receives highest scores across categories.

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