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Oracle DevOps Service

Oracle DevOps service is a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform for developers to automate their software development lifecycle. The DevOps service includes Deployment Pipelines to automate software delivery and deployment across multiple regions to OCI environments such as Container Engine for Kubernetes, Functions, and Compute instances.

DevOps Deployment Pipelines increases developer productivity by automating complex software deployment processes. Automated deployments allow you to release features more frequently, with fewer errors and less downtime.

Announcing the Oracle DevOps Service

Learn how Oracle DevOps Service can help you streamline application deployments on OCI.

DevOps features

DevOps is the CI/CD platform for Oracle Cloud developers.

Continuous deployment (CD)

Deployment Pipelines are fully managed workflows for developers to quickly and easily automate software deployments across multiple regions to OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes, Functions, and Compute instances.

Support for deployment rollbacks

Deployment Pipelines allow customers to automatically or manually rollback to a previously working version of the software in a predictable way.

Integrate with your existing CI/CD toolchains

Deployment Pipelines integrate with other CI/CD platforms, including Jenkins. Customers can include a step in their Jenkins job file to deliver a new version of the artifact and trigger the start of the Deployment Pipeline.

Oracle DevOps is included in your tenancy for free

There is no additional charge for using Oracle DevOps. Customers pay only for the resources used by the targets of their deployments and resources used during a deployment such as logs and notifications.

DevOps benefits

  • Deploy more frequently

    DevOps Deployment Pipelines simplifies and automates the deployment of your software to OCI compute environments. Developers spend less time managing a deployment and can release software more frequently, with confidence that a failed deployment can be rolled back quickly.

  • Lower risk of deployments

    With DevOps Deployment Pipelines, customers can reduce change-driven errors introduced by manual deployments. In turn, this leads to reduced risk and complexity, and reduces downtime of your production environment.

  • Simplify your deployment process

    DevOps Deployment Pipelines eliminates manual, error-prone methods of software deployment and creates a repeatable workflow to deliver and test your software changes.

DevOps pricing

There is no additional charge for using Oracle DevOps. Customers pay only for the resources used by the targets of their software deployments and resources used during deployments, such as logs and notifications.

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