Sovereign AI

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) helps businesses and countries achieve AI sovereignty by offering them increased control over where they locate their data and computing infrastructure and how they manage it.

Oracle and NVIDIA to Deliver Sovereign AI Worldwide

Oracle and NVIDIA are collaborating to deliver accelerated computing and generative AI services that establish digital sovereignty and manage proprietary national and personal data.

What is sovereign AI?

Sovereign AI refers to the development and deployment of AI technologies aligned with digital sovereignty frameworks. Digital sovereignty frameworks are rapidly evolving as governments increase their oversight and control of data privacy and cloud computing. Some of these regulations may already apply to aspects of AI. How AI technologies are built, deployed, and operated may also fall under these sovereignty frameworks, including the hardware and software infrastructure used to build and operate AI systems as well as operating policies, personnel, and security and privacy capabilities.

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How OCI provides controls for sovereign AI

OCI provides solutions that address AI sovereignty by offering a full AI stack on a distributed cloud that can be deployed in any location and operated to meet customer needs.

  • Deploy AI anywhere with a distributed cloud

    OCI delivers its AI capabilities with more than 100 cloud services deployed in the public cloud or in a customer’s data center. OCI’s distributed cloud offers a range of deployment models, including OCI Dedicated Region, Oracle Alloy, Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud, and Oracle Government Cloud.

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  • Solutions designed for sovereignty

    Customers can use OCI for sensitive workloads and data while also addressing their specific policies for things such as data residency and operational controls. OCI’s unique architecture enables organizations to control location, encryption, access, and operations, as part of their digital sovereignty strategy.

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  • High performance, scalable AI infrastructure

    Oracle provides a full AI stack, along with more than 100 other cloud services, in both public cloud regions and customer data centers. OCI Supercluster helps customers address the ever-increasing needs of generative AI models with ultrafast cluster networking, HPC Storage, and OCI Compute bare metal instances.

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  • Oracle’s integrated approach to AI

    Oracle offers an integrated AI stack of AI infrastructure, ML and GenAI for Data Platforms, AI services, and Applications with embedded AI. Oracle AI partners and ISVs help customers accelerate the development and deployment of production-ready AI with the control and security they need.

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“OCI Dedicated Region aligns with our commitment to ensure maximum control over data residency while providing access to the latest cloud infrastructure. This supports us as we continue to drive the digital transformation of banks and wealth managers.”

Martin Büchi Chief Technology Officer, Avaloq
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“Organizations in New Zealand are increasingly eager to harness the power of the cloud while safeguarding the integrity of their data within their own shores by leveraging a unique hyperscale cloud solution. With Oracle Alloy and the possibility of integrating the NVIDIA AI platform into our cloud services, we’ve been able to become a cloud services provider that can assist public sector, commercial, and iwi organizations in navigating the intricacies of the digital landscape and optimizing their digital transformations.”

Ian Rogers Chief Executive Officer, TEAM IM

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