OCI Dedicated Region

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Dedicated Region is a complete OCI cloud region in your data center that offers the agility, scalability, and economics of OCI public cloud. Retain full control of your data and applications to meet the highest security, regulatory, and data residency requirements while modernizing your infrastructure.

OCI Dedicated Region use cases

  • Data residency

    Meet your governance, regulatory compliance, and data privacy requirements while experiencing the benefits of the public cloud in your own data centers. Enable applications and data to remain on-premises and adhere to data residency requirements.

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  • Low-latency applications

    Run latency-sensitive apps on fully managed on-premises infrastructure. Create real-time responsive apps or interconnected on-premises systems. Deploy banking applications, payment processing, and risk management services in specific locations to address regulatory requirements.

  • Modernization of infrastructure and apps

    Consolidate legacy apps on high performance cloud infrastructure managed by Oracle. Modernize applications and build cloud native applications with a consistent platform across the public cloud and your data center.

  • Sovereign AI

    Address AI sovereignty needs with OCI Dedicated Region. Deploy Oracle’s full AI stack in your data center for increased control of data and AI infrastructure.

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OCI Dedicated Region capabilities

Self-contained cloud region

Dedicated Region provides all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s public cloud services in a self-contained, independent cloud region in a physical location of the customer's choosing. Customers can start small and scale fast (up to more than 450 racks) while retaining full control of their data and services to meet the highest security, regulatory, and data residency requirements. Oracle will install, operate, support, and upgrade each OCI Dedicated Region in the same way we maintain OCI public cloud regions worldwide.

All cloud services

Dedicated Region offers the exact same 100-plus public cloud services available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's public cloud regions. As the only product to offer a fully integrated cloud experience on-premises for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, Dedicated Region allows customers to modernize legacy applications and quickly build new cloud native ones.

  • Seamlessly lift and shift legacy workloads using any of Oracle Cloud’s services, such as bare metal compute, VMs, and GPUs; database services, such as Oracle Autonomous Database; and container-based services, such as Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes.
  • Increase agility and innovation by accessing new cloud services and features on-premises as soon as Oracle makes them available in public cloud regions.
  • Lower your cost of running on-premises workloads with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s industry-leading price-performance and highest levels of security.
  • Run Oracle SaaS services, such as Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Financials, HCM, and SCM.
  • Simplify capacity management via OCI Control Center, an extension of the OCI console.
  • Benefit from the only VMware cloud solution with the same root access and deep visibility as on-premises VMware clusters.

Public cloud economics

Dedicated Region inherits OCI’s unique pricing model, which is ideal for global companies that want to expand without pricing constraints. Customers can limit resource access, control budget, reduce underused resources, and forecast spending accurately with OCI’s built-in capabilities. Our lower product costs translate into 20% to 60% lower TCO across a range of workloads versus comparable on-premises infrastructure. Many OCI Dedicated Region services are metered on a per-second basis so you can scale resources when you need them.

  • Pay only for services you consume using the same predictable low pricing that Oracle offers in public cloud regions.
  • OCI preemptible and burstable instances bring users compute economic advantages. For interruptible workloads, Oracle preemptible instances cost 50% less than on-demand instances.
  • For scaled-down workloads that don't require a full core, Oracle provides burstable instances with baseline CPU utilization at multiple levels (12.5% and 50%).
  • Reduce your database administration costs by up to 80% and refocus resources on innovation with Oracle Autonomous Database on Cloud@Customer.
  • Consolidate database systems and applications on a highly available and secure cloud infrastructure to create operational efficiencies and reduce costs.


  • Precisely equivalent to Oracle’s public cloud.
  • Migrate and run any workload as-is, including those that need bare metal or VMware.
  • Customers retain all database features after migration.
  • The full set—not a subset—of public cloud services is available on-premises.
  • Reduce risk with end-to-end enterprise SLAs and single-vendor support.
  • Protect workloads with the same set of security features as the public cloud.

Defense-in-depth security

OCI Dedicated Region provides hardened physical and perimeter network security while enhancing the security of the platform, data, and applications with Oracle security controls and services. OCI Dedicated Region uses the same defense-in-depth architecture approach as OCI, combined with layered security controls.

  • The data center is physically secured by restricted access with multiple levels of authorization, clean hardware, and firmware.
  • Infrastructure is secured via a management network that’s isolated from the customer’s network, tenants, and compartments.
  • Applications are safeguarded by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Application Firewall, Identity and Access Management, Vault, Cloud Guard, and more.
  • Data is secured at rest and in motion via AES 256-bit and AES 128 TDE encryption, TLS 1.2, and FIPS 140-2 Level 3–certified hardware for key storage services.
  • Observability is performed via security automation, audit logs, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring and Reporting, and SIEM monitoring 24/7/365.
  • Benefit from zero-downtime patching and OS management—access new security updates as Oracle makes them available in public cloud regions.
  • At no additional cost, Oracle certifies services running on OCI Dedicated Region for CSA STAR, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018; and conducts semiannual audits.

Superior economics

OCI Dedicated Region inherits the competitive and globally consistent pricing model of OCI’s public cloud regions. Since organizations buy a subscription to consume cloud services instead of building their own cloud, expenses incurred are OpEx, not CapEx. Customers can save money, reduce underused resources, and forecast spending accurately with OCI Dedicated Region's built-in capabilities.

  • Pay only for services you consume using the same predictable low pricing that Oracle offers in public cloud regions.
  • The same pricing is offered worldwide. Workloads run at the same price regardless of where OCI Dedicated Regions are deployed, making it easier to accurately forecast the cost of applications running in multiple regions.
  • Create the exact compute and memory resources needed to match workloads via OCI’s flexible shapes. Leverage preemptible instances to save up to 50% compared with on-demand instances. Use burstable instances for scaled-down workloads that don't require a full CPU core.
  • Oracle standard operations and support are included at no additional cost.

Consistent operations and development experience

OCI Dedicated Region enables you to build a truly consistent development experience for all IaaS and PaaS workloads by using the exact same tools, APIs, and SLAs that are available in OCI’s public cloud regions.

  • Oracle monitors consumption and replenishes capacity in collaboration with the customer. Customers can monitor consumption via OCI Control Center within the OCI console.
  • Oracle will install, operate, support, and upgrade each Dedicated Region in the same manner as we maintain OCI public cloud regions worldwide so you can focus on business priorities.
  • Rely on the exact same tools and APIs available in Oracle’s public cloud regions for a truly consistent development experience for on-premises workloads.
  • Use multiple Dedicated Regions to create high availability and business continuity solutions, either in-country or globally.

Customers benefiting from OCI Dedicated Region

  • “OCI Dedicated Region enables us to innovate with next-generation public cloud services within our data center while meeting data residency requirements.”

  • “OCI has helped us build a distributed cloud environment within our Tokyo and Osaka data centers, allowing us to leverage the high performance and flexible resources of OCI and maintain [the] high levels of financial governance and availability that we require.”

  • “This in-country infrastructure capability allows us to run all our IT services on a multitenant cloud infrastructure, with physical control of infrastructure and data to help meet our country’s regulatory, data residency, [and] latency requirements, and help boost the Sultanate’s digital economy.”

  • “The deployment of a focused, locally delivered, and highly secure ‘government cloud’ will accelerate our progress towards Digital Bangladesh—nothing like this currently exists.”

What analysts are saying about OCI Dedicated Region

  • “…the full menu of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services that it currently offers in the Oracle Public Cloud. With Dedicated Region, they are the only cloud provider to do so.”

October 18, 2022

OCI’s distributed cloud: meeting customer needs beyond the public cloud

Karan Batta, VP, Product, OCI

OCI’s distributed cloud offers customers the benefits of the cloud with greater control over data residency, locality, and authority, even across multiple clouds. OCI has already been delivering distributed cloud services to customers across the globe.

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