Oracle Cloud sustainability

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a high-performance green cloud solution with a strong focus on sustainability. A high-density computing environment powered by renewable resources, OCI aligns with the circular economy to support a clean cloud solution. A suite of advanced technology tools on OCI also enables customers to develop innovative solutions and reduce their environmental impact.

Drive Sustainability in your Organization with OCI and Cloud Applications

Our global footprint of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) data centers delivers a sustainable computing platform that’s efficient, renewable, and aligned with the circular economy. Achieve your sustainability goals and reduce your environmental impact by moving workloads to OCI. Drive sustainability across your organization with the tools to plan, track, and measure your success.

Oracle’s continued impact on sustainability

OCI is committed to building a clean cloud and providing technologies to enable a sustainable future.


of OCI data centers in Europe are powered by renewable energy


of OCI Gen2 global energy usage was renewable in 2022

We recycled and reused 99.7%of retired hardware

SailGP leverages data to accelerate sustainability efforts
National Grid uses machine learning to analyze renewable energy sources
FLSmidth furthers their zero-emissions sustainability goals with OCI
Unilever drives transportation efficiency
Enloc cuts energy consumption and greenhouse gasses using OCI
Circulor and Oracle Blockchain help ensure ethical sourcing
retraced ensures sustainability with Oracle Blockchain

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Practical cloud solutions that help protect the planet

Our commitment to providing a clean cloud solution spans OCI’s business operations. A clean cloud environment that runs on renewable energy is our foundation, and we use the principles of the circular economy to consolidate and optimize our IT infrastructure while delivering advanced technologies, such as AI and blockchain, to help organizations reduce their environmental impact, measure progress, and achieve their sustainability goals.

Reduce emissions by moving to the cloud

Beyond its inherent business benefits, the cloud offers a more sustainable alternative for companies looking to minimize their environmental impact. Oracle manages and maintains a very dense computing environment, attaining much higher utilization rates than an organization can achieve with an on-premises system. OCI provides an elastic computing platform that can grow dynamically with an organization as needed, eliminating excess capacity builds to meet future demand.

Oracle Cloud further reduces its environmental footprint by leveraging state-of-the-art cooling and energy efficiency technologies at our green data centers. For example, in Europe, Oracle Cloud data centers are powered using 100% renewable energy. Our goal is to achieve 100% renewable energy use in all our OCI data centers by 2025.

Circular economy

A key tenet of the circular economy is to decouple physical assets from the services they provide. Individuals or organizations don’t necessarily need to physically own computing hardware, they just need to have the ability to compute. The cloud contributes to the circular economy in the following ways:

  • Designing for the environment. We assess product characteristics including energy efficiency, dematerialization, serviceability, and recyclability. Ongoing assessment of energy efficiency, dematerialization, serviceability, and recyclability further contributes to the circular economy.
  • Consolidating. Simplifying. Optimizing. Consolidating thousands of on-premises deployments simplifies logistics for hardware and delivery. The inherent nature of the cloud optimizes new hardware delivery, spare parts management, and end-of-life hardware for reuse or recycling.
  • Maximizing resource utilization. We effectively repurpose equipment, harvest spare parts, and extract resources while adhering to Oracle’s data privacy and security practices. Our ongoing capacity planning also enables us to increase utilization densities.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

To reduce an organization’s environmental impact, measurement is critical. Oracle’s risk and performance management solutions enable you to measure, manage, and report on your sustainability initiatives with environmental data that is comprehensive, auditable, and timely.

Sustainability analytics improve environmental data collection and comply with global regulations.

Embedding sustainability into business operations

Oracle’s sustainability solutions enable organizations to design more environmentally friendly products, source materials responsibly, and manufacture and transport products in a sustainable way. Oracle’s Internet of Things provides data-driven insight to help reduce environmental impacts while saving costs and delivering even higher levels of service. Oracle also has programs for taking products back at the end of their useful life.

Green cloud technologies

AI, ML, blockchain, and IoT

Customers are leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and blockchain to reduce their overall environmental impact and achieve sustainability goals. From ensuring ethical supply chains in cobalt mining for electric vehicle batteries to using machine learning (ML) to realize larger crop yields, advanced technologies help customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Artificial intelligence

Bolster human reasoning, recognize patterns in your data, and automate complex or mundane tasks.

APRIL 22, 2022

Oracle Cloud accelerates sustainability commitments by partnering with environmentally conscious data center providers

Jonathan Hay, Principal Program Manager, Oracle
Alex Cruft, Principal Program Manager, Oracle

Powering Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with 100% renewable energy by 2025 is an aggressive goal, one we firmly stand behind it. Taking care of our planet can no longer be an afterthought or something companies talk about purely for publicity.

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