AI Solution

Customized Object Detection with OCI Vision


Organizations in manufacturing, retail, and other industries often need to perform identification or pattern recognition tasks for quality control, analysis, security, and other reasons. In the past, strict computer models limited the effectiveness of the tools used to perform those tasks. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Vision offers a better way.

Computer vision, a branch of artificial intelligence, uses visual data to automate and improve the quality of an application. This example will show you how OCI Vision can identify, classify, and quantify visual data in powerful ways.

OCI Vision can identify objects (people, cars, trees, and so forth) and categorize them. It can even detect faces or key points in faces for analysis.


Demo: Customized Object Detection with AI Vision (2:02)

Prerequisites and setup

  1. Oracle Cloud account—sign-up page
  2. OCI Vision—documentation
  3. OCI SDK and command-line interface—configuration
  4. OCI Generative AI—Python SDK
  5. Python 3.10
  6. Open source package manager—Conda