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Premier League Challenge 2: Analyze football video using deep learning

10 November 2022

If you are passionate about data and football, this live hands-on-lab is for you! Thanks to Oracle’s partnership with Premier League, you have the unique opportunity to experience first-hand what it is to be a football analyst and how to apply pre-built AI models to football videos.

In this second challenge, you will learn how computer vision and AI algorithms can be used to extract information from videos of football matches. The objective of this session is to help coaches, football analysts, and fans by supplying them with insights about player and team performance.

Learn how to become a football analyst by analysing player performance with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, OCI Data Science and OCI Vision.

In this workshop, you will use deep learning models:

  • To recognize players on a field.
  • Translate camera coordinates to field coordinates.
  • Identify individual players with their shirt number.
  • Analyze Movement & Tactical Experience.
  • Build meaningful statistics about players.

Join this session and learn how to write the tracking data to a database (Autonomous Data Warehouse).

You will get access to your own free cloud tier environment to work on the analytical challenges and have access to a number of services such as Autonomous Data warehouse, OCI Data Science and OCI Vision.

A fun and exciting session using AI to further understand Sport!


Ian Webb
Ian Webb Head of Commercial Projects at the Premier League
Amr Elwari
Amr Elwari Sports Marketing Director, Oracle
Sudeshni Fisher
Sudeshni Fisher Product Strategy Manager, Oracle
Jeroen Kloosterman
Jeroen Kloosterman Technology Product Strategy Director, Oracle
Olivier Francois Xavier Perard
Olivier Francois Xavier Perard Technology Software Engineers Director, Oracle

The Premier League, the world’s most watched football league, has chosen Oracle as its official cloud provider. In teaming with Oracle, the Premier League provides teams with a chance to improve their game through a deeper understanding of the data and increase the excitement of fans through new in-match statistics. Oracle Cloud delivers the power to make these ground breaking statistics possible.

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