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Oracle Managed Security Services

Oracle managed security services delivers a suite of services to help you strengthen the enterprise security posture of your IT environment. They’re part of the portfolio of Oracle Customer Success Services (CSS). Oracle provides built-in security with multiple layers of defense across the cloud and on-premises technology stack. Our experienced security engineers have the skills and tools to assess your specific security requirements, identify gaps, develop a plan to address those gaps, and provide guidance to help mitigate risks.

Oracle Managed Security Services
  • Assess security threats

    Organizations may find it overwhelming to combat cybersecurity challenges and stay up to date on important prevention tasks. CSS assesses your security posture and regularly scans your environment to identify misconfigurations and hidden vulnerabilities.

  • Protect sensitive data

    As companies launch new applications and digital initiatives, they must protect an increasing volume of critical data assets hosted in interconnected environments. CSS helps implement and maintain security configuration best practices to help safeguard your data.

  • Manage identities and access

    Businesses need to protect against credentials theft and enable a smooth single-sign-on (SSO) experience with multifactor authentication for all of their users. CSS helps simplify identify management and increase access controls across applications.

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“Together with Oracle, we’re modernizing thousands of on-premises database workloads and associated applications using a secure, fully featured on-premises cloud region—and lowering our costs.”

Scott Petty Chief Digital and Information Officer, Vodafone

Why choose Oracle Managed Security Services?

  • Minimize risk

    Help reduce the risk of data breaches and stolen user credentials through the rapid implementation of tailored security controls across your entire Oracle technology stack.

  • Accelerate threat detection

    Enhance the visibility of vulnerabilities and risks through advanced tooling, reporting, and periodic scans of your infrastructure and web applications.

  • Sophisticated security at scale

    Quickly meet security compliance requirements with proven security expertise and governance.

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Relieve your IT teams from the burden of routine tasks with end-to-end security management, including ongoing monitoring and reporting.

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Explore Oracle Managed Security Services

  • Vulnerability and threat prevention

    Oracle Vulnerability Assessment Services provide quarterly scans of your infrastructure or web applications to help detect misconfigurations introduced by change events. Oracle Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) Service implements Oracle Cloud Infrastructure WAF and monitors alerts to help protect your internet-facing applications against attacks. Oracle Managed Security Penetration Testing Service simulates attacks on an internet-facing web application to demonstrate vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

  • Data security and protection

    Oracle Database Security Risk Assessment helps identify database configuration vulnerabilities and recommends detailed risk mitigation activities. Oracle Advanced Data Security Service leverages Oracle Data Safe to provide ongoing security compliance monitoring and audit management. With Oracle Managed Database Security Services, you receive expert guidance and end-to-end management for Oracle Database security solutions helping you to encrypt your data, manage keys, mask production data in nonproduction systems, enforce separation of duty to restrict data access, and alert suspicious database activities.

  • Identity and access management

    Oracle Managed Identity and Access Management (IAM) services help you seamlessly integrate and operate Oracle IAM with your target applications and directory services. Change management capabilities accelerate the integration of new applications, and help you to reconfigure directory synchronization, authentication connections, and federated authentication as required. Configuration of access audit reports help identify potential malicious attempts and enforce the principle of least privilege. Address your specific security requirements and provide a unified SSO experience for your users.

  • Security governance and compliance

    Oracle Security Account Manager is a designated security advisor who understands Oracle security standards in alignment with your policy and regulatory requirements. Oracle Managed Compliance Services help you manage your environment according to industry and regulatory requirements providing regular security reviews, guidance, and help with documentation and reporting. CSS’ compliance services focus on regulations for the Payment Card Industry (PCI), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and GxP to support compliance with certain United States FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and European Annex 11 requirements

Oracle Managed Security Services solves challenges

  • Early adoption

    Embrace emerging technologies and swiftly adopt new features without exposing your systems and processes to new security vulnerabilities.

  • Malicious innovation

    Continually evolve your cybersecurity measures to protect your attack surface against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

  • Scarce security skills

    Face growing cybersecurity demands while keeping your in-house IT team lean by partnering with qualified security experts.

  • User experience

    Maintain tight security while still providing a smooth user experience through fast access and federated single sign-on across applications.