Oracle Support

Whether your environment is in the cloud or on-premises, Oracle provides the support you need to reach your business goals. Plan effectively, adopt faster, and innovate more easily with help from Oracle Support.

Support for all your needs

We provide 24/7 access to a global team of more than 18,000 support and service specialists, providing support in 20+ languages to customers in 175 countries.

Oracle Support benefits

Experienced, global support

Oracle professionals have the expertise and knowledge to offer timely assistance if concerns arise.

24/7 support

Oracle delivers 24/7 technical support from product experts who are focused on resolving issues to minimize their business impact.

Tailored support

Oracle Support teams personalize their guidance based on your specific challenges and needs.

Additional services if you need them

Oracle offers additional services that build on the support included with cloud subscriptions and on-premises support offerings. Consider these if your IT landscape is complex, you want to focus more time on innovation and other strategic initiatives, or you are undergoing a large-scale transformation.

  • Run-and-innovate services

    Whether you are mainly on-premises, completely in the cloud, or leveraging a hybrid, multicloud approach, we have services that can help your business maximize success, minimize risk, and focus on what matters most.


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  • Training and adoption services

    Invest in your team through training, certification, and in-application guidance to help fuel a successful journey to the cloud. Whether for applications or infrastructure, we offer free introductory learning, detailed training on new cloud features and best-practice business processes, and in-application tips and insights that help people learn in the flow of their work.


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