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Oracle Corporate Citizenship Report
Protecting the Natural World

Our philanthropy in India reflects our global commitment to sustainability. We support organizations working to protect our planet and the life it sustains.

Global environment grants
Sustainability initiatives in India

Saving Big Cats

Big cat populations around the world are declining at an alarming rate, the result not only of habitat loss and degradation, but also of conflict with humans. We support organizations leading on-the-ground conservation projects, education, and economic incentive efforts, including Center for Wildlife Studies  and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature.

WildSeve project supported by Oracle.

Advancing Environmental Education

Advancing Environmental Education

Education and awareness are powerful tools in the fight to protect the natural world. Many of our grantees focus on educating people environmental sustainability, from wildlife conservation to water quality testing and management. Among our grantees are the Centre for Science and Environment  for its Green Schools program, which equips teachers at 500 schools with environmental education resources, and Plan India  for its efforts to advance environmental education through teacher professional development at 20 governmental schools.

Growing More Sustainable Livelihoods in Agriculture

Growing More Sustainable Livelihoods in Agriculture

As one of the biggest industries in India, agriculture and farming provide livelihoods for many communities. Our grantees build capacity in agrarian communities by leveraging technology, research, and education about sustainable farming. Our grant to ActionAid India  empowers 750 vulnerable women farmers in 15 villages in Uttarakhand with training and resources. Our grants to Digital Green Foundation  and BAIF Development Research Foundation  support their efforts to educate farming communities in rural India about sustainability and conservation.

Additional Environment Grants

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Photo/video credits: Top banner image courtesy of K Ullas Karanth/Wildlife Conservation Society. Video in "Taking Action to Save Big Cats" section courtesy of Wildlife Conservation Society. Image in "Advancing Environmental Education" section courtesy of Center for Science and Environment. Image in "Growing More Sustainable Livelihoods in Agriculture" section courtesy of ActionAid India.

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