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Design, develop, and implement your cloud, hybrid, and on-premises workloads with guidance from Oracle architects, developers, and other experts versed in Oracle technologies and solutions.

Built & Deployed

Built & Deployed is a free architecture design service for Oracle customers and partners worldwide, helping you get the most value possible from your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) deployments.

Cloud Adoption Framework

The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) provides a tailored set of guidelines and best practices to help ensure a smooth onboarding process and the optimal use of cloud resources.

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QuickStart stacks with Terraform QuickStart stacks with Terraform

Access a collection of Terraform stacks available in GitHub. You can easily deploy your stacks on your tenancy and get your infrastructure up and running in minutes.

OCI best practices pillars

The OCI best practices framework is organized under four business goals: security and compliance, reliability and resilience, performance cost optimization, and operational efficiency. Many of the topics within the articles have one or more personas intended to map to architect roles within typical Oracle Cloud Infrastructure organizations. Learn the best practices:

Security and compliance

  • User authentication
  • Resource isolation and access control
  • Compute security
  • Database security
  • Data protection
  • Network security

Reliability and resilience

  • Fault-tolerant network architecture
  • Service limits and quotas
  • Data backup
  • Scaling

Performance and cost optimization

  • Compute sizing
  • Storage strategy
  • Network monitoring and tuning
  • Cost tracking and management

Operational efficiency

  • Deployment strategy
  • Workload monitoring
  • OS management
  • Support

Built & Deployed series

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Stay up to date with the latest deployments and updates on OCI architectures and hear how customers and partners are using OCI to drive innovation.

  • Built & Deployed

    To help modernize its financial planning and analytics systems and "get itself out of the data center business," PayPal moved its Hyperion Essbase application to OCI.

    Video included
  • Built & Deployed

    To make healthcare simpler and more affordable, HealthPartners is modernizing its entire technology stack by moving its on-premises and back-office applications to OCI.

  • Built & Deployed

    Fortinet's next-generation firewall (NGFW), natively integrated with OCI, is designed to prevent unauthenticated users from crashing devices remotely or executing code.

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