Support Rewards for Cloud

With Oracle Support Rewards, the more you use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the more you save. Customers can accrue $0.25 to $0.33 in rewards for every $1 spent on OCI. Those rewards can be used to pay down your tech software license support bill, even down to zero.1

Accrue rewards every month

Simply sign or renew a Universal Credit order to accrue rewards that you can track in the OCI Console. The program entitles customers to earn and use Support Rewards for the length of their services period. Support Rewards is a contractual obligation that Oracle guarantees for the length of the Universal Credit contract, which may be extended by the customer at any time.

You may apply rewards to eligible invoices under other entities within your company hierarchy.

Real rewards, real savings


Total Support Rewards redeemed toward technology support.

Explore Oracle Support Rewards

See an overview of Oracle Support Rewards video thumbnail
See an overview of Oracle Support Rewards

A high-level overview of the entire Oracle Support Rewards program.

Administer Oracle Support Rewards video thumbnail
Administer Oracle Support Rewards

How to view and share available Support Rewards in the OCI console.

Redeem Oracle Support Rewards video thumbnail
Redeem Oracle Support Rewards

How to redeem Support Rewards in the Billing Center toward technology support invoices.

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Benefits of Oracle Support Rewards

  • 01Accrue rewards for every dollar spent on OCI

    Get more value out of OCI with Oracle Support Rewards. It’s simple. For every dollar spent on OCI, you can accrue $0.25 in Oracle Support Rewards. If you’re an unlimited license agreement (ULA) customer, you can accrue $0.33 for every dollar spent.

  • 02Reduce your technology support bill

    Use your accrued Oracle Support Rewards to apply to your technology support bill for products such as Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic, and more. You can even pay down your technology support bill to zero.1

  • 03Combine with other support programs

    Oracle Support Rewards is available for all Oracle customers with tech license support and new Universal Credit orders, including renewals. It complements other customer programs that convert application support bills to cloud app subscriptions (Customer 2 Cloud), provide flexible OCI discounts (Universal Credit), provide license portability (Bring Your Own License), or offer expert support for migration at no cost (Oracle Cloud Lift Services).

  • 04Share within your company

    As a cloud customer enrolled in the Oracle Support Rewards program, you have the flexibility to decide how to redeem your rewards. For example, if there are other entities within your company hierarchy with eligible invoices, you can authorize them to redeem the rewards via the OCI Console. This benefits your entire company by ensuring that you take advantage of the rewards that you have accrued.

Earn Rewards

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“We work with Oracle for many of our core systems on-premises. Oracle Support Rewards makes it much easier for us to choose Oracle for the future of these systems. Working together will allow us to further enhance our data processing and analytics capabilities in the cloud.”

Mervyn Lally
Global Chief Enterprise Architect, Experian

“For more than 20 years, Cognizant has partnered with Oracle to help our joint customers. Not only are we an Oracle partner, but also an Oracle customer. The new Oracle Support Rewards program gives us and our clients additional strong incentives to move workloads to OCI.”

Anil Cheriyan
Executive Vice President, Strategy and Technology, Cognizant

“Oracle has helped us design a robust cloud adoption strategy. Oracle Support Rewards allows us to continue to use existing technology investments, dramatically lower costs, and invest in the future.”

Brian Lindner
Chief Information Officer, Allegis Group

Accrue rewards for every $1spent on eligible OCI services

Accrue 25¢per dollar spent on eligible OCI services

Accrue 33¢per dollar spent on eligible OCI services with a ULA

Potentially pay $0 for technology support1

Explore Oracle Support Rewards FAQs

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    • What is the Oracle Support Rewards program?

      The Oracle Support Rewards program provides additional value to Oracle’s on-premises software customers who also consume Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services. Based on their consumption of OCI services, customers accrue Support Rewards that are then applied as a form of payment for their software update license and support for Oracle technology programs.

    • Who is eligible for this program?

      Customers using Oracle’s on-premises software become eligible for Oracle Support Rewards when they enter into a new Universal Credit contract and begin consuming OCI services. OCI Pay As You Go (also known as “on demand”) customers aren’t eligible at this time.

    • How are rewards accrued?

      As OCI services are consumed, customers accrue Support Rewards to apply as a form of payment to any eligible open invoice for on-premises support of Oracle technology programs.

    • Is there a limit to the amount a customer can accrue?

      No. There’s no limit to the amount of Oracle Support Rewards a customer can accrue.

    • Do I accrue rewards only for Oracle software or workloads on OCI?

      No. Any workload on OCI can accrue rewards. Paid consumption of any eligible OCI service running Oracle software, custom applications, ISV applications, and so on can earn rewards.

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1. Reduction in technology support bill is subject to regional tax regulations. Taxes can’t be paid with Support Rewards. Only the pretax invoice amount can be paid with Support Rewards.