Search with OpenSearch Features

Oracle-managed open source technology

Proven open source technology

OCI Search with OpenSearch takes a proven community-driven, open source search solution and builds a management layer onto it. Simply point Elasticsearch-based APIs to an OCI Search endpoint to get up and running quickly. OCI offers OpenSearch v1.2.4 and v2.3; both are compatible with Elasticsearch 7.10.

Oracle management layer

OCI is responsible for administrative tasks, including deployment, provisioning, patching, and resizing (scaling up or out). OCI Search enables operators to focus on data, not maintenance.

Backups your way

OCI Search users benefit from automated backups of their clusters to an OCI Object Storage bucket within their tenancy, or they can choose to use the OpenSearch Snapshot API to move backups to their own OCI Object Storage bucket. Data provided by backups to Object Storage is secured in flight and at rest. All data stored within OpenSearch is encrypted both at rest and in flight.

Flexible scaling

OCI Search offers a pool of resources based on OCI flexible shapes. Instead of being tied to “fixed” shapes, all customers get fine-grained provisioning control of cores, memory, and storage for their use cases. Only Oracle offers this level of customizability, allowing customers to provision the exact amount of infrastructure required by their workload, thus minimizing waste.


Integrated with OCI Identity and Access Management

OCI Search is fully integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management and inherits OCI's simple, integrated, and prescriptive security philosophy.

Role-based access controls

Beyond the standard OCI Identity and Access Management integration, OCI Search now offers an additional layer of security using “permissive” and “enforcing” options. Learn more about role-based access controls.


All data at rest and in flight is fully encrypted. OCI Search is compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standards out of the box.

Data visualization

OpenSearch Dashboards

OpenSearch Dashboards is a powerful visualization tool that quickly surfaces critical data and powerful insights from OCI Search. Dozens of visualization tools, including bar, line, pie, Gantt, and gauge charts, heat maps, and more, with Markdown support allow customers to display data in the ways that are most meaningful for their workloads.

Index optimization

Index State Management

Customers can use the OpenSearch Index State Management plugin to perform automated, policy-based index lifecycle management actions such as rollovers, merges, deletions, and schedules.

Performance analyzer

For OCI Search deployments with OpenSearch v2.3, customers can use the performance analyzer plugin to query numerous performance metrics for their cluster, including aggregations of those metrics via REST API.

Supported languages

Through the use of language analyzers (tokenizers), the project supports a number of different languages. See the full list of supported languages for more information.