Balance Sheet Management

Benefit from a single data model and common cash flow engine to perform complex analysis of the inherent risk in your balance sheet. Improve consistency and gain control of your balance sheet with a solutions suite designed to meet all your budgeting, planning, and forecasting needs.

The Oracle Profitability and Balance Sheet Management Cloud Service suite is available now.

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Award-winning asset liability management (ALM)

Gain an accurate view of profitability, earnings stability, and overall balance sheet risk exposure with Oracle Financial Services Asset Liability Management. Use high-end analytics, dynamic interactive dashboards, intuitive reporting, alerts, scenario-based what-if analysis, and waterfall list creation in an integrated framework.


  • High-performance, scalable, common cash flow engine that handles multicurrency financial instruments
  • Ability to analyze and forecast interest rate risk through deterministic and stochastic simulation results
  • Full income simulation with profitability via funds transfer pricing (FTP) margin calculations
  • Daily monitoring of liquidity gaps, funding concentrations, marketable assets, and liquidity ratios

Accurate margin forecasts and meaningful budgets

Forecast future performance—incorporating economic conditions and forward-looking risks—with Oracle Financial Services Balance Sheet Planning’s robust planning capabilities. Eliminate multiple disparate systems to produce a complete, reconciled plan that delivers better value and actionable insights.


  • Cash flow processing for current and new books of business
  • Common cash flow engine shared with Oracle’s ALM and FTP applications for accurate business planning
  • Customizable forms and business rules for forecasting non–cash flow-based planning accounts
  • Ability to develop regulatory capital requirements and capital plans based on data from balance sheet planning
  • Integrated historical performance metrics, including net interest margins, risk adjusted returns, spreads from transfer rates, allocated costs, and capital

Assign cost of funds for rates, liquidity, risk, and pricing

Determine the spread earned on assets and liabilities and the result of interest rate exposure for each customer relationship with Oracle Financial Services Funds Transfer Pricing. Accurately assess profitability along product, channel, and business lines, and centralize interest rate risk so it can be effectively managed.


  • Utilize industry-leading transfer pricing methods, including ALM forecasting and budgeting
  • Leverage a shared data model that integrates risk, performance management, customer insights, and compliance
  • Set transfer rates for a wide range of financial instruments
  • Flexibly assign transfer rates to individual customer relationships
  • Develop a deeper understanding of option and liquidity costs

Comprehensively address liquidity risk

Gain a clear understanding of liquidity gaps under contractual, business-as-usual, and stressed conditions with Oracle’s liquidity risk management solution, and enable contingency funding planning via a comprehensive counterbalancing capability.


  • Preconfigured regulatory scenarios and runs
  • Consistent, enterprisewide stress testing, covering idiosyncratic, marketwide, and hybrid scenarios
  • Extensive set of business assumptions for behavior modeling
  • Parameterized user interface with workflows and versioning
  • Comprehensive reporting with extensive drill-through capabilities
  • Quick product implementation to meet regulatory guidelines
  • Ready-to-use regulatory scenarios and prepackaged methods

Take a granular view of cash flows

Measure and model loan, deposit, and off–balance sheet instruments with Oracle Financial Services Cash Flow Engine. Gain insight into the granularity of cash inflows and outflows for non regulatory and regulatory purposes. Oracle’s solution is suitable for organizations with exposure to financial securities and instruments.


  • Generate account-level cash flows using unique payment and repricing characteristics
  • Use daily rate forecasting to provide a unique rate for a given day on repricing
  • Improve insight into branch liquidity and cash on hand
  • Optimize payables and receivables by focusing on customers with large exposure
  • Leverage inbuilt validation rules to perform comprehensive quality checks on input data

Why choose Oracle for balance sheet management?

01Best-in-class analytics enable deeper, actionable insights

A single, transparent data model and platform across risk and performance applications breaks down silos using common customer-and ledger-level information.

02A flexible, scalable architecture maximizes productivity and accountability

Process large data volumes, comprehensive calculations, and multicurrency simulations. Create custom models with unlimited forecast assumptions and multiple FTP methods.

03Comprehensive, multidimensional planning and reporting

Cover all aspects of the planning process, including profit planning, budgeting and forecasting, strategy formulation, and capital expenditure budgeting.

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