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On-demand webinar: Improving Decisions with Connected Planning

Insurers today face a rapidly evolving environment. Watch our webinar for tips on how connected, continuous planning can help businesses adapt and survive.

Capital Clarity Webinar Series

Decoding the Buzz: The Evolution of Virtual Accounts

Virtual accounts are not a new concept, but they have become the new buzzword in banking. So, what exactly are they and how have they evolved over time to improve reconciliation and cash liquidity management? This webinar explores their evolution and outlook for the future.

The Path Back to Economic Restoration

Until recently, corporate banks in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East have enjoyed a wave of healthy returns and have played a critical role in the region's banking sector. This webinar discusses three critical actions banks should focus on right now—and the solutions that will get them there.

Steering through the Uncertainty Facing African Banks

Clarity around working capital is essential to economic restoration, especially in some of the largest and fastest growing economies in the region. African banks need to rethink their capabilities to meet their clients’ new, evolving pain points. Join this webinar to learn how.

Asset Finance

Oracle Financial Services FinServ Café

Better Banking Webinar Series

Join industry thought leaders and product experts in their discussions of game-changing topics such as ways to strengthen resilience and accelerate transformation across the financial services industry.

Health Insurance Series

Transforming Healthcare Billing: Kaiser Permanente's Journey with Oracle

Healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente tackled the challenge of outdated legacy systems from the 1990s and early 2000s by upgrading their system for stability, security, and efficiency with Oracle Revenue Management and Billing. The partnership with Oracle signifies a pivotal moment in the organization's modernization journey and promises improved customer service.

Defying Gravity With the Cloud: Driving Claims Processing

Watch this HLTH on-demand webinar with Mike Wheatley, AVP of IT at Humana, and Srini Venkat, VP of Insurance Products at Oracle, to discover how Humana is successfully approaching a cloud first corporate strategy for modernizing claims processing and adjudication.

The Future of Healthcare Billing: Digital Rails for Billing Consolidation and Government Exchange Reconciliation

In 2021, it is crucial for health insurers to stay ahead of industry trends, tech, regulations and consumer behaviour. Watch this on-demand webinar as we discuss valuable insights on how to go digital, work more closely with government plans and simplify healthcare billing.

Navigating Through the Data Interoperability Challenge

How can health executives navigate new data interoperability standards and regulations, better manage data sets through a central depository, and set up a true end-to-end solution? To learn more about exchanging best practices and critical actions healthcare payers that must take, watch this on-demand webinar.

Modern Risk and Finance

Transformative Finance Exchange Sessions

Transformative Finance Exchange

Discover the impact of disruptive forces on the financial industry and learn what leading practitioners are doing to respond effectively across finance, risk, and treasury departments.

Resiliency in Finance Series

Financial Crime and Compliance Webinars

Anti-Money Laundering Challenges and Opportunities for Midsized Banks

Learn more about the unique anti-money laundering (AML) challenges midsized banks face, the opportunities those challenges present, and explore how chief compliance officers at smaller banks can find ways to boost AML effectiveness and efficiency in the face of broad industry trends.

Bridge the Gap: Make a Frictionless Transition to a Modern Anti-Money Laundering Program

Amid growing regulatory demands, emerging oversight risks in an age of innovation and the growing sophistication of cybersavvy financial criminals, financial institutions are under extreme pressure to update and upgrade their AML programs.

Watch this webinar to learn how to make a frictionless transition to a modern AML program through unified data, better operations, and advanced analytics.

Execute Digital Strategies at Pace and Scale

Retail Banking

Deploy easy-to-navigate, integrated, omnichannel experiences for your customers.

Corporate Banking

Provide real-time access to liquidity insights and faster corporate lending options.


Enhance experience, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer care.

Financial Crime and Compliance

Monitor, detect, investigate, and report finance crime by enabling intelligent tools for efficiency and efficacy.

Modern Risk and Finance

Unify risk, finance, regulatory, compliance, and customer data on a single data model to generate insights for profitability with regulatory compliance.