The Oracle Playbook for Corporate Development Excellence

M&A deals that look great on paper can fail to meet their business goals if integration isn’t completed quickly and effectively. At Oracle, we’ve purchased and integrated more than 150 companies over the last 20 years while increasing efficiency, improving the customer experience, and attaining an industry-leading non-GAAP operating margin of more than 40%.

We’ve captured our secrets in the Oracle Playbook for Corporate Development Excellence to help you achieve similar success, including how to integrate acquisitions quickly and effectively while minimizing disruption to customers, employees, and partners.

Video: The Oracle Playbook for Operational Excellence

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Achieving M&A integration success

The Oracle Playbook for Corporate Development Excellence describes how we focus on people, processes, and systems in integrating acquired company employees and operations. Learn how you can:

  • Enable new employees to work productively from Day 1
  • Determine whether to adopt acquired company processes
  • Migrate acquired systems and data most effectively

Integrating acquisitions quickly while minimizing disruption

For many companies, M&A is a key strategy for competing in the marketplace and meeting long-term growth objectives. As a result, it’s essential to integrate an acquired company’s operations and employees quickly while minimizing any disruption to customers, employees, and partners.

As part of our integration efforts, we’ve moved off approximately 5,000 acquired company applications and closed nearly 50 data centers as we centralized on Oracle Cloud Applications and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This has enabled us to reduce costs and increase efficiency while also growing our business and delivering a positive experience to those we serve.

Here’s a sampling of how we’re using Oracle Cloud to power our business from end to end*:

Doing business in 175countries


Driving $50Bin total revenue

Employing 160,000+employees

Managing 20,000+new hires / year

Partnering with 35,000+suppliers

Delivering 1.5Minvoices annually

Processing 650,000cash receipts annually

*FY23 figures, inclusive of Cerner

“The key to our success in M&A has been to focus not only on growth but also on the quick integration of operations to drive profitability and operational excellence—all while continuing to deliver an exceptional experience to customers, employees, and partners.”

Doug Kehring, Executive Vice President, Corporate Operations, Oracle

Explore the Oracle Playbook for Corporate Development Excellence

We apply a people-processes-systems framework to M&A integration to achieve our goals. Learn how you can use this framework to:

  • Align your team with your business goals

  • Organize for success

  • Develop a culture that embraces change and continuous improvement

  • Streamline your operations and standardize business processes

  • Empower and delight those you serve

  • Seamlessly move to Oracle Cloud

  • Maximize business value

    We partner with our customers to ensure they maximize the value of their investments and achieve their goals.

  • Learn from peers

    See how people like you are using Oracle Cloud Applications and Infrastructure to achieve their goals.