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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse eliminates nearly all the manual labor of operating a data warehouse. Analysts, developers and data scientists get a complete suite of built-in tools for data ingest, analytics and machine learning. Integrated tools and autonomous administration allow the line of business to deploy and operate a self-service data warehouse without calling IT for help. It’s easy to evaluate using Oracle Cloud Free Tier, which includes two always-free Oracle Autonomous Database instances, plus US$300 in free credits for other Oracle Cloud services.

Step 1

Create and login to your Oracle cloud account

Create an account through a web browser or mobile device. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Sign up for a free Oracle Cloud account
  • Read the welcome email for access details
  • Login to the free Oracle Cloud account
How to create a login to your Oracle Cloud account

Step 2

Create an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse instance

Customers access the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) console after the sign-up process is complete. The web interface makes it easy to create a database in minutes.

  • Select a database name and choose a workload type (Autonomous Data Warehouse)
  • Create a password
  • Click "Create Autonomous Database" and your instance will start provisioning
How to create an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse instance

Step 3

Easily start your project with a built-in suite of self-service tools

Quickly load and transform data to generate insights

Built-in tools provide users with data loading, data transformation, business modeling, automatic data insights, and data lineage. Self-service tools make business analysts more productive by eliminating the need for assistance from IT or other experts.

Build models using in-database machine learning

Oracle Machine Learning accelerates the creation and deployment of machine learning models for data scientists using Python, R and SQL.

Build low-code applications

Build and deploy modern, data-driven applications up to 38X faster with Oracle Application Express (APEX, a preconfigured, secured and fully managed low-code application development platform.

Build graph analytics

Graph Studio simplifies and automates the modeling, analysis, and visualization of data in graph format. Analysts, application developers, and data scientists will spend less time generating insight and putting the results of that analysis to work.

Build spatial analytics

Built-in spatial analytics capabilities allow customers to easily manage different types of geospatial data, perform hundreds of location intelligence analytics, and use interactive map visualization tools. Developers will be able to build new kinds of applications, and increase the performance of existing applications using spatial data.

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