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Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing is a cloud database service that eliminates the complexity of operating and securing high-performance databases. The service automates provisioning, configuring, tuning, scaling, patching, encrypting, and repairing of databases. Additionally, the service includes all of Oracle’s advanced database options, such as real application clusters (RAC), multitenant, partitioning, in-memory, advanced security, and advanced compression. The service is built to support everything from simple web apps to large and sophisticated applications that are critical for business operation. Autonomous Transaction Processing service is available in both the Oracle public cloud and your own data center on Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Autonomous Transaction Processing features

Autonomous operations


Deploys fault-tolerant and highly available databases in minutes.


Scales compute resources automatically to meet performance and throughput requirements without any downtime. Enables true pay-per-use experience with online dynamic scaling.


Configures and tunes databases automatically even as data and schema change over time. The memory configuration, data formats, indexes, and access structures are automatically optimized to improve performance.

Automated backups

Performs weekly full and daily incremental backups of the database in Oracle’s object storage and retains them for up to 60 days to restore and recover to any point in time.


Fixes hardware and software faults by continuously monitoring and predicting failures. Requests are immediately redirected to healthy devices, maintaining database performance.


Eliminates site downtime by maintaining a real-time remote copy of a production database and automatically switching from primary to remote copy using Autonomous Data Guard.

Simplified application development

Support for relational and nonrelational data models

Natively supports multiple data types including document, graph, spatial, JSON, XML, and more for faster application development. Prevents data fragmentation and reduces data management hassles resulting from siloed data stores.

REST API support for modern application development

Provides database management REST APIs, web interface, and PL/SQL Gateway to REST-enable all your data for simpler and faster access.

No-code/Low-code development

Oracle’s low-code application development platform, APEX, is built into Autonomous Transaction Processing and eliminates 98% of hand coding. APEX empowers developers to rapidly build sophisticated applications.

In-database machine learning (ML) algorithms

Provides more than 30 ML algorithms, automated ML functions, and integration with open source Python and R to make it easy to build ML models and analytical dashboards without moving data out of the database.

Fast cloning

Create fast clones of the entire database or just the metadata, to quickly get started on new projects. Create clones from running database instances or a backup database.

Interoperability with Microsoft Azure

Provides fully supported, multicloud solutions with fast interconnections to Microsoft Azure.

Complete data protection and security

Always-on encryption

Provides automatic encryption for the entire database and for backups with encryption keys that you create and control. This ensures the data is always secure at rest and in motion.


Patches and upgrades databases for security vulnerabilities with zero downtime. Applications continue to run as patching occurs.

Data privacy

Enables database administrators to perform all administrative tasks without ever seeing customer data. Blocks access to OS or admin privileges to prevent phishing attacks.

Security for sensitive data

Oracle Data Safe, included with Autonomous Transaction Processing, makes it easy to discover sensitive data, evaluate security risks, mask sensitive data, and implement and monitor security controls.

Advanced auditing

Logs all events with minimal impact on performance. You can monitor audits anytime for analysis, forensics, and compliance.

High performance and availability above 99.95%

High performance

Delivers 80% lower latency and more than 5X throughput than other cloud providers by utilizing database-optimized hardware, automated tuning, and indexing.

Always online

Provides more than 99.95% availability using a combination of Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle RAC, Autonomous Data Guard, and daily automatic backups.

Protection from human error

Oracle Flashback, provided with Autonomous Transaction Processing, instantly rewinds accidental changes to application schemas, protecting users from human errors. It supports recovery at all levels including row, transaction, and table—and across the entire database.

View all customer successes

Autonomous Transaction Processing customer successes

Learn how customers are using Oracle Autonomous Database for faster transaction processing to transform their business.

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“With Oracle Autonomous Database, JASCI is revolutionizing logistics so our customers can deliver orders of an ever-expanding product line faster and successfully compete in the age of next-day shipping.”

—Craig Wilensky, CEO, JASCI Software

Autonomous Transaction Processing use cases

  • Modernize applications and database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Run custom, ISV, and Oracle applications such as JD Edwards, Siebel, and PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud without the complexity of managing the databases.

  • Build and run no-code or low-code applications with APEX

    Build scalable, secure, data-driven applications with minimal coding using APEX, a low-code development tool that is built into Autonomous Transaction Processing.

  • Build and run cloud native applications

    Build microservice applications that utilize multiple database models and separate database containers while maintaining a common security, performance, and availability model.

  • Deploy a database cloud in your data center

    Provide secure, governed, and high-performance self-service databases, while IT controls the budgeting, capacity planning, availability, security, and governance of data.

  • Eliminate the complexity of managing JSON document databases

    Build business applications using JSON documents with flexible, dynamic schemas. Use standard SQL for faster, simplified access for your JSON data.

  • Ingest, store, and analyze large-scale IoT data

    Deliver billions of inserts and retrievals a second with powerful analytics for key-value transactions such as IoT data, without the operational complexity of single-purpose databases.

June 30, 2020

The future is data-driven

Maria Colgan, Distinguished Product Manager, Oracle

In today’s world, the ability to quickly create value from different types of data increasingly provides businesses with a competitive edge. An excellent example of this is how responsive, personalized and portable a food delivery app might be. But how does a business become data-driven?

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