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HPC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers exceptional performance, security, and control for today’s most demanding high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. For everything from crash simulations in the automotive industry to seismic analysis for oil and gas companies to special effects rendering for media companies, Oracle’s cloud-based infrastructure is enabling customers to solve complex technical problems—faster.

High Performance Computing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

HPC Infrastructure

Compute, networking, and storage capabilities with the performance of onsite infrastructure.

HPC Compute

The Latest in Compute Hardware

Bare metal instances support applications requiring high core counts, large amounts of memory, and high memory bandwidth. Users can build cloud environments with significant performance improvements over other public clouds and onsite data centers. Bare metal compute instances provide customers with exceptional isolation, visibility, and control.

NVIDIA-based offerings provide a range of options for graphics-intensive workloads, along with the high performance demanded by AI and machine learning algorithms.

Networking for HPC

Flat Topography, Dedicated Resources, Latest Technology

Virtual cloud networks enable you to easily move your existing network topology to the cloud.

Standard bare metal servers support dual 25 Gbps Ethernet for fast front-end access to your compute clusters.

Oracle's groundbreaking, back-end network fabric lets you use Mellanox's ConnectX-5, 100 Gbps network interface cards with RDMA over converged Ethernet (RoCE) v2 to create clusters with the same low-latency networking and application scalability that you expect on premise.

High-Performance Storage for HPC

Performance and Scale for Demanding HPC Workloads

Oracle provides several high-performance storage options suitable for HPC workloads.

Local NVMe SSD: High-speed local flash storage ideal for large databases, high performance computing (HPC), and big data workloads such as Apache Spark and Hadoop.

Block volumes: Standard block storage services offering 60 IOPS per Gb, up to a maximum of 32,000 IOPS per volume, backed by Oracle's highest performance SLA.

Parallel file systems: HPC requires larger data sets and higher performance than standard enterprise file servers can provide. Customers often build their own parallel file systems either on premise or in the cloud using open source software such as Lustre.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure HPC CLI

The HPC Command Line Interface (CLI) enables you to use a single command to deploy HPC clusters of any size with our dedicated bare metal HPC compute instances and Mellanox RDMA networking. You don’t need to understand Terraform or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager to use the HPC CLI. It’s built on top of the core Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI, and includes prebuilt Terraform scripts.

Benefits of using HPC CLI include:

  • Fast Launch a complete compute cluster with RDMA over converged Ethernet (RoCE) v2 quickly through a single command.
  • Easy to Use No knowledge of Terraform or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager required to launch a basic cluster network.
  • Supports Message Passing Interface (MPI) Deployment includes a complete set of software packages for running parallel processing with RDMA, including Mellanox OFED with Open MPI, Intel MPI, and Platform MPI.
  • Customizable You can execute your own terraform scripts or add to the existing scripts provided with the tool to install your own applications.

Customers and Partners

IDenTV logo

Advanced video analytics for the masses, running on Oracle Cloud



"For our workload, Oracle Cloud has performed at 2X the speed of other cloud providers... Because of that, we've been able to see a 60% reduction in our costs, and we can pass that down to our clients."

-Amro Shihadah, Co-founder, COO, IDenTV

Yellowdog logo

Yellowdog and Iaas



"By accessing the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure we have been able to render in half the time that we have been able to see with other providers."

-Simon Ponsford, Chief Technical Officer, Yellowdog

altair logo

Altair and Oracle Offer Faster High-Performance Computing in the Cloud



"We find that access to GPU compute resources can be challenging for our customers. The integration with Oracle’s cloud platform addresses this challenge, and provides customers the ability to use GPU-based solvers in the cloud for accelerated performance without the need to purchase expensive hardware."

Sam Mahalingam, Chief Technical Officer for Enterprise Solutions at Altair

imophoron logo

Combatting Epidemics with Synthetic Biology and Cloud Computing



"Matching cutting-edge synthetic biology with cloud computing turned out to be a winner."

Fred Garzoni, founder of Imophoron

Rescale logo

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Rescale: Simplifying HPC in the Cloud



The HPC market is at a tipping point with cloud adoption. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's new bare metal offering is a compelling proof-point that the HPC market is turning and cloud offerings have real momentum.
Shawn Hansen, COO of Rescale

Oracle Launches New HPC Instances with Intel Xeon and Mellanox Network Controllers, Enabling Low Latency, High-Bandwith RDMA Networks



With clustered network setups, … customers can run workloads like DNA sequencing, car crash simulations, oil reservoir explorations, and more in the cloud cost-efficiently.
Clay Magouyrk, senior vice president of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
ANSYS logo

ANSYS and Oracle: ANSYS Fluent on Bare Metal IaaS



Oracle continues to add partners to our HPC ecosystem. Oracle has been an ANSYS Preferred Solution Partner since 2018, so you can build HPC solutions with ANSYS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with confidence.

TotalCAE logo

TotalCAE Public Cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure



TotalCAE has partnered with Oracle to add new capabilities to TotalCAE’s Simulation as a Service high performance computing (HPC) cloud platform utilizing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

univa logo

Test Drive HPC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in minutes



Univa® Grid Engine® is a distributed resource management system that optimizes resources in HPC clusters by transparently selecting the resources that are best suited for each segment of work.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Performance Advantage

Learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure performance with deeper analysis and benchmarks.

HPC webcast

Run HPC Workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure article thumbnail

Low-Latency Trading Over RoCE V2 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure HPC

virtual humans blog post

Virtual Humans on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure HPC

HPC simulations

Can HPC Simulations on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Brew a Better Cup of Coffee?

video thumbnail Karan–RDMA Excitement

Kickin’ It with Karan: RDMA Excitement