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Oracle PartnerNetwork

Customer Success is at the core of everything we do at Oracle. Modern OPN Partners accelerate the customers' transition to cloud and drive superior customer outcomes on a global basis. Partners leverage Enablers to achieve Oracle Expertise to gain customer trust and relevancy, extend into new markets and grow their business. Oracle incentivizes the partner to build and deliver customer-validated cloud solutions that address the customer's specific needs.

With Modern OPN, Partners choose how to engage with Oracle based on their business strategy.

Getting Started

Become an OPN Member

Join the Oracle Partner Network community and explore opportunities to broaden and deepen your offerings. Attain Expertise in your business focus areas to augment your capabilities, build on your competencies to gain trust and continued customer loyalty.

Enable Your Business

Select Expertise and Enroll in a Track(s)

Selecting the right Oracle Expertise is crucial to enabling your business capabilities and aligning with your go-to-market strategy whether that’s with cloud, license & hardware, or in a hybrid model. You can then enroll in the Track(s) that corresponds with your selected Expertise to leverage the targeted Enablers that will facilitate attainment of your Expertise.

Which Track is right for you?

Differentiate Your Offerings

Earn Expertise

Earning Expertise validates your skills with Oracle Technology and demonstrates proven customer success. With your Expertise, you will earn incremental access to go-to-market benefits that further enables you to differentiate and showcase your offerings, as you grow your business.

Preview the key Enablers and Benefits offered through the enhanced Oracle PartnerNetwork